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Post  SCHoops on Sat Jan 15, 2011 9:47 am


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1000 Point Club Empty Not what it was...

Post  boxout on Mon Jan 17, 2011 7:22 pm

Scoring a thousand points in NH high school basketball is not what it use to be. It is like the HS RB who gets a thousand yards, it is no longer a big deal. Many schools in both basketball and football play more games than they did 15-20 years ago. I have also noticed that points now count for some schools with Xmas tournament games. This seems silly to me seeing that Holiday games have no bearing on the regular season. It wouldn't surprise me that some schools actually use preseason games in the point totals as well.
This is making a mockery of scoring a thousand points. Then there is the three point line, that did not exist years ago. Kids are throwing up more threes now a days than taking lay-ups, any wonder that most kids couldn't hit a free throw if their life depended on it.
I have never thought and never will think that scoring a thousand points is a big deal. Give me a 800 point scorer and a 800 rebound or 800 assists any day of the week. So many uneducated fans think that basketball is dunking and scoring. There are such things as defense, rebounding, and passing. Not sure that coaches now a days preach any of this.


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Post  chicagokid43 on Mon Jan 17, 2011 8:10 pm

I agree sort of. There are a lot of ways to get to 1000 points. A good player on a weak team can get 1000 by playing 4 years on varsity and averaging 12 points a game for four years. Never make a playoff run. Then there is the 1000 point scorer that does it in 3 years or even 2 years and is part of a strong team and does not take 30 shots a game and his team is in the playoffs every year. I do think scoring a 1000 points is a nice accomplishment but there are many other statistics that are more important like wins and losses. I also am very conscious as you will all know why about the assist. My son will most likely end up with over 500 assist for his career in three years of varsity which is a nice accomplishment also. There will be no banner and no celebration but I know that the rest of his team mates know how much he has meant to the teams success. So while 1000 is different now than it may have been several years back it is still a nice award and milestone for a player to be recognized. However 20 years from now we will have a hard time naming some of the 1000 point scorers but we will be able to remember the teams that win titles.

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