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This Forum was created to give those in the sports community in NH a place to converse about their sport of choice. Every user must register prior to posting.

Please abide by the following rules when posting:

1. No flaming, i.e. no blatant remarks of hatred, etc. on any other poster, player, team or school. Additionally - do not speculate about a players grades, or academics unless they are in a positive fashion.
2. Be respectful, if you wouldn't say it to your grandmother, don't say it here, you won't last long.
3. Bring intelligent discussion to the table and enjoy this for what it is, individual opinion.

Time to amend the rules slightly as our user base has grown. The following is how "bans" will work:

2 Week Ban - If your posts require editing by a moderator 3 times. Based on severity of those posts it could be LESS than 3 times as designated by the Moderators and Forum Administrator.
1 Month Ban - Editing of a single post after previous banning. Repeat offenders.
Year Ban - 3 strikes an you're out. Repeat Repeat offenders.
Lifetime Ban - Repeated Banning, and intentionally attacking forum members, players, coaches referees, etc.

All of the above can be executed at any time based on majority vote of from the Moderators of the Forum Section in question and Forum Administrator. Forum Administrator CANNOT ban at any level, a User without consent from at least 1 Moderator.

Appeals can be made via PM or email to the Forum Administrator. As always, you can "report an abuse" in the bottom right hand corner to complain or notify the Forum Administrator of an infraction (shockingly I don't hang out on this site all day long). Help is appreciated and feedback of all kinds is welcome.