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BST High School Summer league kicks off

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BST High School Summer league kicks off Empty BST High School Summer league kicks off

Post  Twinemusic on Sun Jun 12, 2011 10:52 am

Unofficially, the 2011/2012 road to Durham starts today at SNHU as high school teams across the state start to see what they have heading into next season as the seniors move on and out. D1 upcoming season,summer and fall warm up seasons should be very interesting with player movement and improvements, coaching changes,ect. There is no "off season" anymore as these kids work year round now on their games and play other sports as well year round. interesting story lines already developing, Can Wol Majong Play?? will D Floras go Prep? will B Holler go prep? Gilligan already gone prep !, Can BG Repeat? Will Trinity keep it's Triple Towers? Can new North coach keep Gauthier and Williams on the court? Doe's Fitzy got anything at Memorial? Whats up Doc'? Gabe lacount and whooo? at Central?. Milford rein on D2 officially over?? Dover and Spaulding? Exeter and Winnie? Does Pinky come back this year? Who's the new "King" of D2?. Alvirne and Londonderry? Who are the best big's heading into next season? Guards? Salem? can they compete again and again? Who goes prep? Any "off season injuries??? Ahhhh, Now its officially begun. Good Basketball as the players and coaches start gettin it going and sweating up the hardcourts across the state.


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BST High School Summer league kicks off Empty Re: BST High School Summer league kicks off

Post  EBlessNHSP on Tue Jun 21, 2011 5:40 pm

Twine - lots of good questions, just posted that Floras is indeed going prep. I've also got it from the same source that Majong will not be playing next year, ineligible. We probably won't know for sure until the season starts but he's not played in the BST yet (but is on the roster) my source is again, from within the Coaching fraternity. Take it as you will.

Another tidbit - Travis Descoteaux is listed on both the West and Trinity rosters, but word is he's playing for West (stats back that up on the NHSportsPage site). He'll get more of an opportunity to display his talents in that system with less of a log jam at shooting guard as well.

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