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Summer League Final 4

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Summer League Final 4 Empty Summer League Final 4

Post  sjsprague on Wed Aug 01, 2012 3:48 pm

Anybody want to predict the final 4 at SNHU.

Here are mine:

Concord (12)

West (14)

Central (2)

Alvirine (1)

This is assuming that each team has their good players, not on the football or baseball field.

Junior Varsity
Junior Varsity

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Summer League Final 4 Empty Re: Summer League Final 4

Post  Tuesday and Friday on Thu Aug 02, 2012 12:18 am

2 for 4 Sj.

Bedford defeated Concord.

West beat Windham by about 4 in a very close game.

Central beat BG by about 5 in the best game of the night.

Souhegan defeated Alvirine by about 6 in another very close game.

Now, if you want an exhaustive report turn to the NHN tomorrow because Jeremy filled up a small notebook with oodles of information on all the games. I'm sure he'll cover every aspect of every game in his article tomorrow.

I'll give you my cliff note version:

I didn't see the Bedford - Concord game.

I saw the last 5 minutes of the Windham - West game. Windham had West on the ropes with about 4 minutes to go and up by 4. West did what they do best and forced some turnovers and transition baskets to tie the game and then go up. Windham played with grit and will be a tough team to deal with in D2 this season.

The marquee game of the night was Central - BG and it lived up to it's billing. The score was 35 to 35 at halftime. Lunn got the best of Joseph and Makris in the first half. Lunn probably scored around 18 to 20 in the first half. Pelletier was hampered by a hurt wrist and it showed in his game. He was constantly holding the wrist and favoring it throughout the game. Boykins and dickson was a tasty matchup at point guard. You have 2 players who like to get under the opponent's skin and they tried their best to get under the other's skin. I'll call this agitation matchup a draw. Central did a much better job forcing Lunn further away from the hoop in the second half. Most of the 2nd half was very close with both teams exchanging leads and with a lot of tie scores. With about a little over a minute left Plentzas hit a huge 3 to give Central some much needed breathing room. BG commited some turnovers and couldn't convert at their offensive end which gave Central a very hard earned victory. Lunn had a great game. The Dickson/Plentzas guard combo continues to impress. Migs had his crew playing hard and scrappy tonight against the Little Green.

2 words to describe the souhegan victory over Alvirine:


I think Len had to have at least 30 of the 49 or so points scored by Souhegan. Alvirine had a big loss with Livingston in street clothes. The potential all stater was in a car accident about 5 days ago and has concussory symptons. He was hit by a truck and was fortunate to escape with just the concussion. He still is lucky to have 10 fingers and 10 toes. Souhegan was missing a couple of their Bigs, so this worked out to even out on the boards with Alvirine not having Livingston tonight. Souhegan has a knack of working Len to come open on an out of bounds play for a good look at a 3 in the corner closest to the inbounder. They worked it to perfection for three 3's. Len was open for the look with 5 feet of separation when he comes from weak side to strong side off solid picks. Alvirine really didn't have any one to defend Len and this proved fatal for the Broncos. I have a feeling you will be seeing the following line a lot this coming season:

(Fill in the blank with a team) really didn't have any one to defend Len and this proved fatal for (Fill in the blank with a team).

The semifinals will start at 5:00 pm on Friday at SNHU. One semi will pit Bedford against Central. The other semi will be Souhegan vs West. Central took a pretty good shot from the Cardinals tonight and came away with the victory. It will be interesting to see what kind of a shot the Bulldogs can give the Little Green on Friday. If Souhegan can have their Bigs show up they will stand a good chance of bringing down the Blue Knights. If not, it will be interesting to see Len contend with the defensive athleticism and quickness of the West guards.

The 2 semis will be played at 5 and 6 pm. The Sam Carey benefit game which features a plethora of NH basketball talent and Doc and Stan Spiro matching coaching wits at 7 pm. The HS Summer League Championship game will be played around 8:00 pm.

Tuesday and Friday

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