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Interesting post on NERR High shool vs Prep school

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Interesting post on NERR High shool vs Prep school Empty Interesting post on NERR High shool vs Prep school

Post  basketballtime Fri Feb 11, 2011 10:21 am

Boarding/ Prep High school vs Public school Basketball

This was posted a little while ago about the differences between Prep and Highschool basketball.

List your views on the advantages or disadvantages of Boarding/ Prep school basketball compared to Public school. Is the coaching better in Prep schools and is the visibility greater to college scouts for kids in prep school then in public school.

-Much greater exposure. Players don't need to rely on summer camps/aau leagues to get noticed. There are plenty of scouts and many of them go to practices/games, so they won't be off-put by one bad performance.
-Prep schools are "preparatory" for college. They are designed to make the transition to college as easy as possible. Colleges value perspective players who have experience away from home in a structured academic/athletic environment.
-For the most part the kids will receive a better education. They have a better curriculum and smaller classes. Almost all of the kids looking at scholarships do not have the option of playing basketball for a living, and they will receive a better education here (as well as great connections from fellow classmates), so they will be better prepared for college and life.

-Some prep schools are extremely deep, and playing time might be hard to come by. Scouts may have to rely on practices and scouting reports from the previous year to make decisions.
-A lot of prep/boarding schools have a high turnover rate each year. Chemistry is hard to develop in such a short time, and this could affect how scouts view potential players.
-Most of the kids going to prep/boarding schools are "big fish in a small pond". They are used to the offense flowing through them. Playing "team" basketball can be a frustrating transition, which may actually lower their stock in the eyes of scouts.

High School:


-There really are no advantages here other than the fact it is a less demanding environment (practices/academics), which I am sure most kids would prefer.
-Kids get to be close to family, and are usually the stars of their respective schools.
-Chemistry with current coach and they are familiar with his or her style of play.


See advantages for Prep/Boarding school.

These two differs. However Public schools are under the HMC (head-masters conference). Public schools can come under various groups like the Eton Group, or the Rugby Group. Generally they are institutions founded by royal charter... They get their name from the fact they used to be charitable organizations that taught a few scholars from the 'public' for free. Then the trend became to admit fee payers to subsidize the scholars, and gradually they became what they are today. However all public schools are technically charitable foundations, and must offer bursaries and scholarships to poorer students. Coaching has no difference in these two, it just depends on the school itself. Boarding school is a school where some or all pupils study and live during the school year with their fellow students and possibly teachers or administrators, concentrating on playing basketball at the end of the day. Pupils generally need permission to go outside defined school bounds; they may be allowed to travel off-campus at certain times.

Anyone want to add some thoughts?


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Interesting post on NERR High shool vs Prep school Empty One Downfall

Post  chicagokid43 Fri Feb 11, 2011 12:41 pm

The one downfall is turning you child into what is actually a college student so early. We went through the idea of Prep school for Mike and that is what kept him home. His parents were selfish and did not want him to go away. lol That was a joke, however I do think it is something that many parents struggle with. Sending your kid to live somewhere else when they are 14-15 years old can be very hard. To me kids are sometimes asked to grow up to fast already and while sending them to prep school can be great for them academically and athletically I think it is a time in a childs life that the strength of family is equally as important. Your time with your kids in your home is short and making it shorter is very tough.

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