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Post  boxout on Sun Jan 30, 2011 12:15 pm

I have to give it up for carp24, you brought up a great point about hand-checking, it is rampant at the high school level. This maybe the reason why scoring is down. Anyone with half-a-brain can play defense when hand-checking is involved.
There are many "bad habits" that officials allow, that I have seen become more and more prevalent in the last 10 years. You talk about hand-checking, and I agree, but how about offensive players, specifically point guards, shielding defenders with their non-dribbling hand. This was called an offensive foul back in the day, now it is allowed. I also have seen traveling or more specifically up-and-down increase ten-fold. They use the excuse of it being called a jump step. That is traveling and should be called.
I also have witnessed more and more flopping on courts, defenders trying to draw an offensive foul. I can completely understand that if you can get away with it, do it. Back in the day coaches use to tell you to stand your ground, you can still get the call.
It takes 3-5 years but the NBA always trickles down to the lower levels for these types of rule changes or lack of enforcement.
I know I sound like a typical, while in my day, but it just seems that sometimes the game of basketball doesn't look like the game of basketball. Does anyone get what I mean?


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Point of Emphasis Empty travel and jump step

Post  chicagokid43 on Sun Jan 30, 2011 1:12 pm

The wording for travel and the jump step have been changed in the rule book. You can tell the referees that played the game vs the ones that learned how to ref it for money by how they call the jump step. The ones that played the game more than 10 years ago still call it a travel when someone catches the ball with one foot down and jumps and lands with both feet. This was travel in my day but now is allowed. Why I have no idea. We were taught that if you caught the ball with a foot down that was your pivot and if you were going to catch the ball on the move to jump so you could land on both feet (jump stop) so you could choose either to pivot with. Now there is the rule if you are on one foot when you catch you can jump and land with both feet but neither can be a pivot. Totally stupid in my mind. The rule has changed and only the guys that played in 10+ ago see the difference or understand why there is so much confusion about the call.
There is also still confusion about an already established pivot also. Some referees think you can lift this foot and jump off the other and others think if you lift that foot it is travel. Mr T and F will be able to explain this to you. I am so disgusted by the way this is worded now in the book that I think the writers of the new rules should be shot! lol

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