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AAU, High School and Kobe

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AAU, High School and Kobe Empty AAU, High School and Kobe

Post  Hooper on Sun Jan 18, 2015 11:17 am

As the high school season is really ramping up, I am starting to see the AAU guys coming out to some of the bigger D1 games. I really want to plead the sports gods (Dave, Pete, Jeremy, etc) to stop reporting what AAU coaches say as truth. It really is ruining what could be a great age of basketball in our state. For the first time in awhile there are younger players who are prospects all around the state.

What Kobe thinks is true

It's not to say that AAU guys are lying, they are more of an infomercial. Many are great people as well. But, there have been a few really questionable reports from there aau and/or promoter guy, who, talking to college guys say simply is not true, yet..... The reality if the player goes D1 or not is simply not known. AAU guys are trying to create hype around a player, that's what they do. That's how AAU guys climb the ladder. Reporting an AAU guy's thoughts is no different than reporting what a parent thinks, just very biased. Getting information from AAU guys and reporting them as facts also dangerous.

Report what you see in games, not mix tapes, go to the elite camps, listen to what the college coaches say, you guys would have different views of who the players are, get out of the AAU business and help basketball. It would return the focus to the scoreboards.


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