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8 -1, 12 - 20.

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8 -1, 12 - 20. Empty 8 -1, 12 - 20.

Post  GNG on Sat Oct 08, 2011 6:43 am

BG and DOVER'S combined record 8 - 1 in the division

The rest of the teams that comprise division two, 12 - 20. OUCH.

I don't remember EVER seeing it where a whole division has an off year.

A friend of mine who was at the game last night told me Dover was nothing special. No speed. He thinks Keene, and Timby will both beat Dover. I have only seen Dover once against Merrimack and I wasn't overly impressed. They do play defense though.

How I see it today.Next week could be entirely different.

1 BG , Stellos for the playoffs,HUGE ADVANTAGE
2 TIMBERLANE- People overlook them because of that loss to Alvirne. Multiple players were out with injuries that game. Best team I have seen BG play in the division this season.
3 DOVER- Their coach gets the most out of the talent he has to work with. They play hard.
4 KEENE- They should be sending THANK YOU cards to ALVIRNE. Their last 4 games are hell.
5 SPAULDING- They could easily win out with a very favorable schedule. Imagine Spaulding in the playoffs. It could happen.
6 WINNIE- Six fumbles against ALvirne. They have nobody to blame but themselves.


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8 -1, 12 - 20. Empty Re: 8 -1, 12 - 20.

Post  E.I.R. on Sat Oct 08, 2011 1:06 pm

BG is the #1 seed, no doubt that they own Division 2 this year. Winner of the Dover-Timberlane game gets the home field for the first game, but they play each other twice this year. The number four seed is tough to think about. At this point it is mathematically possible for Spaulding, Keene, Winnacunnet, and Alvirne to get the spot. Keene has to win out as they are 2-2, and that is not likely with Dover next week, Timberlane after that, Winnacunnet (?), and closing with BG. Spaulding already played their tough games, and with a win against West last night they're sitting pretty at 2-2 or 2-3. They have Alvirne, Merrimack, and Timberlane left, and they can go 2-1 in that span. Alvirne has a mathematical chance as I said, but realistically they and Winnacunnet are done this year, both still have to play BG and are not good teams. GNG and JAF may be right about Spaulding at #4.


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