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Skiing in 2011 Empty Skiing in 2011

Post  boxout on Fri Apr 22, 2011 1:14 pm

Let me first apologize for posting in the wrong section. I wasn't sure where to put this and this seems to be one of the more popular threads.
There is a NH athlete who is battling things other than sports. This kid is the best athlete in his high school as a Sophomore. He was recognized today as the Nashua Telegraph's Best All-Area Skier. This is Ben Lambert of Milford High School. Ben is not just battling opponents, he is battling Leukemia. Ben was recently diagnosed with this disease and will fight it just as strong as he fights on the field. I can't say for sure but I believe Ben was battling this disease all ski season, of course undiagnosed. As we know cancer can sneak up on people, but in reality some time has usually passed before diagnosis. For those of you who don't know Ben he is a three sport athlete at Milford. Ben is a very good athlete but plays sports that are not as recognized as basketball or football. Ben also is a star player on the Milford soccer team, this past year he was arguably the best player on the team. Ben plays defense, so he doesn't get the credit of goal scorers. But anyone who knows soccer knows that you can have all the offense in the world, if you don't have a solid stopper on Defense you can forget about winning. Ben is an unselfish person, he doesn't mind playing Defense when in reality he could have started at forward for Milford this past year. Ben also plays tennis and is ranked as the Number 1 or Number 2 player for Milford, remember he is only a sophomore. He routinely beats his opponent, individually. Those who have played organized tennis know that tennis is a very athletic sport.
I have witnessed Ben play other sports such as baseball and basketball and if he decided to dedicate his skills to those sports there is no question he could play. Ben is a coach's dream, he is always putting the good of the team ahead of himself. He will do anything on an athletic field that a coach asks, with no sulking, whining, or crying. Ben has the attitude of just get me on the field, I don't care where I play as long as I am in the game.
This is probably said too much in society, but Ben literally gets along with all kids and teammates. I have yet to meet anyone who ever said anything negative about him. I have witnessed Ben be good friends with the other athletes at Milford High and I have seen him befriend those who are gifted in the classroom. Of course Ben is also an Honor Roll student. I have seen who befriend just the average student, it is amazing to watch someone have the ability to get along with all types of students.
Ben also helps with the local youth level and is great with the younger kids.
Ben I know you will beat this and prosper. You are exactly what an athlete should be, and I as an adult have actually learned from you. Don't ever think that we sports fans don't know about you, we do.


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