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Has this ever happened to you

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Has this ever happened to you  Empty Has this ever happened to you

Post  Marshall23 on Mon Apr 04, 2011 9:38 am

ok so we all know the refs like to keep games moving in aau tournaments. But i had the most ridiculous experience this weekend in our first game of the weekend. We started out the game on a 18-0 run in the first 6 minutes. In that time frame i had played all my kids already and had backed off my full court press just a bit. It was early and in 6th grade girls basketball ive seen crazier (we were once down 24-1 and came back to win). The ref came up to me during the flow of the game and told me "to let them shoot"! Not back off or go zone or anything like that but to let them shoot. I told him i couldnt tell my team that as we work as hard as possible to not let teams shoot. so of course i told him no, and that its early anything can happen. Next 6 foul calls on my best 2 players. He looked at me and said "well you will now". 22-7 at half. i start my starters and 1st two trips down my best 2 players pick up their 4th fouls. both of which werent even in the play. Long story short they ended up shooting 35 foul shots to our 4. We lose 37-36. now i give the other team credit for hitting shots and coming back, we still needed to gut it out and find a way to win but its 6th grade girls they arent clueless, my team they knew what was going on. End of game i tell official calmly that he needs to ref game not score and that it wasnt his concern to help them to score, in which the other coach says "of course no credit for our win blame the ref", well if he knew what the ref had said im sure he wouldnt of been as happy as he was.


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