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Anyone catch the games at SNHU today?

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Anyone catch the games at SNHU today? Empty Anyone catch the games at SNHU today?

Post  basketballtime on Sat Nov 20, 2010 10:47 pm

I only got to catch the second half of Mass vs NH red game. I was very impressed with both teams even though there times where it got a little sloppy but i guess that happens when you have two teams that don't really play together ever. I thought Holder and Green took charge of the game and got them the win. I was hoping to see Madol play what happen to him? And the same with Mike O i saw him he must of hurt himself he was sitting the bench the whole time. I was also hoping to see Pat Connington play for Mass along with Noah Voneleh anyone know where they were? Well either way nice win for NH anyone know how Maine and VT looked?


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Anyone catch the games at SNHU today? Empty First half

Post  chicagokid43 on Sat Nov 20, 2010 10:58 pm

It was a very entertaining game from wire to wire. Jamie played a great game as well as Green. Both gave NH Red a nice scoring punch. First half was a nice show by my son with 8 points and 9 assist by halftime. He tried to do a little too much in the second half but I was very pleased with his play as well. Mike O was having some back spasms after taking a hit in the practice so he sat out. Madol was on the early roster but was replaced by John Wickey. Not sure as to the reason. I thought The team having many guys that have played together before showed some very good passing and chemistry. The unselfishness was fun to watch. As you guys all know many times the All Star type format can turn into a one on one show but these guys really shared the ball and played the game the right way.
Fun game to watch with NH winning in OT.

Maine looked very tough this in the early game. Maine has Chris Braley who is a very tough strong kid with good range and the ability to get anywhere he wants on the floor. I was very impressed with him as well as Maines defensive ability. They frustrated the NH White team and beat them handily.

Tomorrow NH Rd plays Vermont and then the NH white team and the final game is NH White playing the all tourney team which may be a tough matchup for them.

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