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Class I All State and POY

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Class I All State and POY Empty Class I All State and POY

Post  chicagokid43 on Wed Feb 24, 2010 12:05 pm

Alright we have two games left in the regular season. Lets talk about all state and POY.

To me All State is tough since I was unable to see a few teams play that have very good players. However the best guys I have seen that I think deserve the top spots are O'Loughlin,Neely,Spirou,Woodward,Mitchell and McDonnell.

Second team is Holder,Goodwin,Poitras,Benson,Marinelli and Barton.

DID not see Kearsarge,Hanover and Kingswood.

POY is O'Loughlin,Neely or Woodward.

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Player of the Year

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Class I All State and POY Empty Class I All State and POY

Post  tarrier on Wed Feb 24, 2010 3:05 pm

Although I haven't seen even half of the teams in Class I, I agree on O'Loughlin and Neely as top POY candidates. One player I haven't seen yet is Woodward from Lebanon, but I hope to next week when the Raiders come to Milford. Smelling revenge, Spartans?

Neely, to me, has been very impressive with his ballhandling, shooting and quickness and O'Loughlin reminds me of a 2010 NH version of 1980's Showtime Lakers forward James Worthy with his fast-breaking, and high flying finishes at the rim(minus the ferocious dunks, of course). I also like Spirou alot, but he seems to struggle at the FT line and take too many outside shots when he could dominate inside.


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