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Bg @ Milford Scrimmage

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Bg @ Milford Scrimmage Empty Bg @ Milford Scrimmage

Post  Guest on Sat Dec 05, 2009 12:09 am

BG 24 17 33 38
Mil 22 19 21 38

Great atmosphere, Milford fans were out in full force. Mike O started the game off with a dunk. (walked in a second late so i can't tell you what happened but I know it was the first possesion of the game) Both teams came out and pressured for pretty much the whole game. BG doubling mikey mitchell (whoever milford was trying to in bound it to) and keeping that trap/double all the way up the court. It slowed milford up a little but they were still able to get out and run some. Milford also came out with pressure, and some of them I couldn't tell what they were as some of them looked a little shaky at times. Very physical game lots of fouls. (Maybe too many) but it was a very physical game regardless. Throughout the game both teams played everyone, seemed like dan sat his starters a lil more that i would've expected but it is a scrimmage. What i was shocked by was how little kyle nelson played. I also was very upset with the quality of the floor at Milford's gym. This has been a problem in the past but today it was very bad and many people slipped, it really needs to be fixed because someones going to get hurt.

For Milford, I thought they played well equally as physical. I thought Mikey played extremely well handling the ball and seeing the floor, played great although that stat line may not have shown it. Jaime also played very well on both sides of the ball, handling it well, shot exceptionally well and got to the hole at will. Mike O shot well pretty much could get his shot when he wanted. I was suprised by Scotty Macallum and Kevin Cyr. They both played great d hit the boards and Scotty shot the 3 well and Kevin was very sound on offense doing a little of everything.

BG I thought St. Lawrence and McClung played very well. Both very physical defenders constantly causing problems. St. Lawrence was constantly open for the mid-range which he hit all day. Got to the hole well and rebounded well. McClung was all over the place finished well around the bucket hit some jumpers hit the boards exceptionally well and applied some great pressure. Connor Green was able to get his shot and to the basket at will but struggled finishing from everywhere. Mike Kelly played some good d, but to me not watching him play before showed me that he is a punk. He was constantly going at it with everyone espicially Mitchell, saw him throw his elbows and push Mitchell and constantly trying to create problems. I applaud mitchell for keeping his cool as Kelly got chippy.

I know it was only a scrimmage and probably went into to much detail but I was just really excited about the amount of talent on the floor tonight, and just can't wait for the season to start.


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Bg @ Milford Scrimmage Empty Re: Bg @ Milford Scrimmage

Post  Guest on Sat Dec 05, 2009 12:18 am

btw they played 4 20 minute quarters, (running time)


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Bg @ Milford Scrimmage Empty Re: Bg @ Milford Scrimmage

Post  Tuesday and Friday on Sat Dec 05, 2009 10:24 am

Nice report BigMan. I like Kyle Nelson's game, so I'm surprised he didn't play much either. He could've been sick and missed some practices etc. etc. I do see a pattern that might develop with Milford. You said Kelly was physically trying to get on Mitchell. Mitchell will be one of the best PGs in I this year. Most defenders won't be able to out quick or out speed him, but some might take it upon themselves or on instructions from their coach to get into his head by doing what Kelly did last night at the scrimmage. No surprise that Mitchell kept his cool. He has a level head on the court. Once teams see that this physical tactic doesn't work against Mitchell, then they'll have to try something else.

These scrimmage reports are like scallops wrapped in bacon. Now, I can't wait for the filet mignon covered in bernaise sauce to be served in 2 weeks.

Tuesday and Friday

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Bg @ Milford Scrimmage Empty Re: Bg @ Milford Scrimmage

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