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Racial Slur Incident at F-Cat Stadium

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Racial Slur Incident at F-Cat Stadium Empty Racial Slur Incident at F-Cat Stadium

Post  Tuesday and Friday on Sun Jul 22, 2012 9:20 pm

I was sickened when I learned of the racial slur incident on July 5th involving Carl Crawford at F-Cat Stadium. My sickened quotient became worse when an investigation proved that a Leominster police officer is the one who directed the racial slur at Crawford. I was in attendance that night. I did not hear the slur. I did hear some one really busting on Crawford every time he came to the plate. The person busting on Crawford was sitting between home and the F-Cat dugout. I do not know if the person busting on Crawford in his at bats is the same person who uttered the racial slur. I do know this. This Leominster police officer's future is on the line this week. There will be a hearing at the Leominster police department where the officer in question will be allowed to speak on the matter.

There will be 3 potential things that will happen:

1) A paid suspension for a decent amount of time ( The officer is already on a paid suspension now while the process is coming to a conclusion).

2) An unpaid suspension for a decent amount of time.

3) Termination.

I talked to a couple of school teachers last week about this incident. Both strongly agreed if a school teacher was caught doing something like this there would be a hearing and the decision would be immediate termination. The school teachers both said their profession along with police and fire are held to a higher standard than most other professions.

I have to admit it will be a tough decision for the Chief of Police in Leominster. If the evidence is 100% clamp down lock down that one of his officers said this racial slur directed towards Carl Crawford, then the decision will be very ominous for the Leominster policeman.

Tuesday and Friday

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