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Rivier Fall League Playoffs

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Rivier Fall League Playoffs Empty Rivier Fall League Playoffs

Post  Tuesday and Friday on Sun Nov 01, 2009 8:52 pm

In today's opening playoff Sunday at Rivier, while there was some good basketball, Mr. Mitchell was doing his best to create a mutiny on the travel call in basketball. I believe he is working on publishing a new basketball rule book. Stay tuned for this new development.

Trinity pasted HB by nearly 60.

Dover beat Campbell.

Merrimack beat Central by about 12.

Salem beat Alvrine with a buzzer beater 3. Alvrine took the lead with a 3 with about 7 seconds to go, then Alvrine inexplicably left Meisser open for a good look at a 3 which he buried as the horn went off.

Memorial defeated Chelmsford by 5. Memorial had a 14 point lead mid way through the 2nd half which evaporated over the next 6 minutes as Memorial tried to shoot 3's and did their best to play individual basketball. Coach Fitzpatrick got the Crusader troops on the same page as they salted the game away with a spread offense and FT shooting...... that's Coach Cormac Fitzpatrick as he had an injured leg and was relegated to coaching the team. He is now undefeated as a HS coach, something his father can't lay claim to.

North won on a forfeit by Groton(not enough players).

Next Sunday Nov. 8th we'll just call Prime Time Sunday as the following great matchups will come to fruition:

7:30am Trinity vs. Salem
8:30am Dover vs. Merrimack
9:30am South vs. Memorial
10:30am BG vs. North
11:30am 7:30 winner vs. 9:30 winner
12:30pm 8:30 winner vs. 10:30 winner
1:30pm Championship Game

Tuesday and Friday

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Rivier Fall League Playoffs Empty Re: Rivier Fall League Playoffs

Post  EBlessNHSP on Tue Nov 03, 2009 10:59 pm

Looks like some nice matchups. Are most squads pretty close to their regular season rosters? Or are teams missing key pieces? I know these fal leagues don't necissarily translate to regular season success, but it'd be interesting to hear who's at full strength here (if you know) and who's playing with makeshift lineups.

My guess is most teams are makeshift, getting kids time, and seeing who's going to step up and contribute this season. Usually these leagues are a good indication of who worked on their game over the summer.

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