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Thoughts on Dec. 16th Games

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Thoughts on Dec. 16th Games Empty Thoughts on Dec. 16th Games

Post  Tuesday and Friday on Sun Dec 18, 2011 11:35 am

Thoughts from the first big night of basketball:

- I will have to give 2nd thoughts to being within 50 feet of GNG at future games. One word comes to mind:


I'm looking on NHIAA's web site right now for a 50 foot restraining order for GNG so he doesn't take me off my basketball Mojo. I'm sure it might be on their 5 page 2009 - 2014 Strategic Plan.

- BG took a pretty good shot early from Central. The Little Green came out emotionally and physically ready for this game and had a couple of good runs in the 1st and 2nd periods. The new cast of players from BG went through a "So this is how a big D1 game is" phase. Once BG settled into the game the new persona of this team developed.

- Ortega had a very good game dropping 20 on BG. He reaffirmed my belief he could be the most important player on Central this season.

- BG's backcourt could be the deepest in D1. They have Holler, Paul, Chartrand and Boykins. They all play good defense. Paul and Holler can shoot. Chartrand and Boykins can slash and pass. You better have a physically fit backcourt to compete with BG this season.

- On the above note Gabe LaCount got tired in the 2nd half. His outside shots were short and a couple of times he drove by his defender only to come up short off the glass. Taking the ball up against pressure earlier in the game definitely took it's toll on LaCount later in the game. Sometimes, you get the impression Doc will let a new point guard have the keys to the Little Green Ferrari to go to the corner store to get a gallon of milk, but not to take a long drive for 32 minutes.

- Central was missing 3 players due to suspension. After Central won the Summer League at SNHU I heard people say, "yeah, but let's see if that Central team is the same Central team we see in March." If you are a Little Green fan you do have to be worried that the same team you saw at tryouts wasn't the same team you saw on opening night. Remember, basketball players are known as STUDENT-athletes.

- A BG player made an ill advised play late in the game. Migs turned to the BG bench and said, "That was stooopid." There was a debate amongst myself and BG faithful whether it was a New Yawk, Bahston or Phillaaay Stooopid. I have 100% confirmation from Migs it was a Bahston Stooopid.

- Trinity girls beat Dover 52 - 39. I consider this result a decent upset in D1 girls.

- New Pinkerton sophomore Kayla Stacy (transfer from Memorial) is grabbing headlines in the young season. She scored 17 to lead Pinkerton to a 48 - 36 road victory over Timberlane. Stacy has been scoring 16 to 18 points/game in Pinkerton's first 3 games in helping them get off to a quick 3 - 0 start. If she continues this pace with the depth Pinkerton has the Lady Astros could surprise some people and have a better season some thought, including myself.

- Leading scorer for Trinity boys in their 70 - 44 blowout victory (22 - 5 after 1st period) over Dover? Not Gabriel. Not Lauderdale. Not Sistare. It was sophomore Pat Keefe with 19 points. Other teams might be deeper than Trinity, like BG, but NO team in the state can bring 3 players off the bench that fulfill the roles of Aluko (blocked shots, rebounds and the potential to score 10 to 15 on any night), Viscarello (Clampdown and lockdown defender) and Keefe (Slasher, scorer with disruptive athleticism).

- If you go to the Simon Gym for a game at Central this season don't bother wearing a sweater or a long sleeve shirt. It was a SAUNA in there on Friday. The Manchester School District might be cutting expenses, but heat provided for the Simon Gym is one expense not spared.

- Surprising to see the Alvrine girls off to a slow 0 - 3 start. Where have you gone Taylor Carbone (Joe DiMaggio) ??

- Speaking of gone... I hear there are 2 deletions (one permanent and one injury) to the Merrimack boy's roster to start the season, not in the starting rotation, but in the depth rotation that might be a factor in the near future.

- It was good to get the first REAL night of basketball in the 2011 - 2012 season going.

Tuesday and Friday

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Thoughts on Dec. 16th Games Empty Re: Thoughts on Dec. 16th Games

Post  Tulliver on Sun Dec 18, 2011 12:41 pm

Central remains a 3rd quarter team to me.

If they have a good 3rd quarter they will most probably take the win.

If they falter 3rd quarter they chalk up a loss.

Don't wear a sweater to Simon, but keep one with you. The heat may or not be a constant thing.

BG surprised me in good ways and bad. I did expect them to start stronger and for Central to grow stronger throughout the game.

I think Central's talent shows great potential and they will be very interesting to watch.


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Thoughts on Dec. 16th Games Empty Re: Thoughts on Dec. 16th Games

Post  GNG on Sun Dec 18, 2011 12:57 pm

BG also has a junior guard named Toscano who will get minutes. Kid can play.

T@F, I thought Lunn held his own with the Central bigs.


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Thoughts on Dec. 16th Games Empty Re: Thoughts on Dec. 16th Games

Post  Tuesday and Friday on Mon Dec 19, 2011 9:37 am

Jeff Lunn played a very good game. When he plays well he allows McCarthy to roam in 3 pt land. If Lunn is scoring inside and McCarthy is hitting 3s it makes BG a very difficult team to defend. I did have Lunn on my pre season honorable mention all state team. He is definitely on my basketball radar and should be on opposing team's radar as well.

Tully, I'll bring a sweater to Central next time, but I'll leave it in the car. The average temp on my last 5 visits to Simon Gym:

85 degrees

Tuesday and Friday

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Thoughts on Dec. 16th Games Empty Re: Thoughts on Dec. 16th Games

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