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Rule changes for the 2009 - 2010 season

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Rule changes for the 2009 - 2010 season Empty Rule changes for the 2009 - 2010 season

Post  Tuesday and Friday on Sun Oct 25, 2009 1:16 pm

There are 2 rule changes for the upcoming season. One doesn't involve NH, but in other states they can now use video replay to determine if a last second shot is good/no good or if the last shot is a 2 point or 3 point. This is only if the State Championship series game is being televised on local TV. The other rule change that involves NH is that the LED light up signal on the backboard is now permitted to be used for the end of a period or OT. This would come into play when State Championship series games are held at SNHU or PSC. All other state playoff games endings will go by the audible horn sound.

These are the only 2 rule changes for HS basketball this year...... But in the points of emphasis there are 5 points this year. Points of emphasis are rules that the HS rule governing bodies would like to see either called more or looked at more on the court from a referee's perspective. The 5 points of emphasis are:

5) FT administration - Rough play during FTs, disconcertion and proper allignment.

4) Block/Charge - adhering to the rules of block/charge which is most difficult call in basketball.

3) 3 seconds - Watching and calling it more, especially on screening that takes place in the paint. It seems like the governing bodies would like it watched for and called more.

2) Closely guarded call - Determining when a defender is within 6 ft of the offensive person and maintaining the 5 second closely guarded rule. Governing bodies say that too often referees wait until a defender is within 3 - 4 foot of offensive person when starting a closely guarded count and they want referees to concentrate on the 6 foot region more often.

1) Traveling - Phhhht, yep that sound is the can of worms. I don't think there's any call in the last few years that stirs more debate than the travel call. It seems referees call it less and less and fans want it called more. I will give you one story that's interesting concerning the travel call. A rule interpreter broke down the video of the Maine State Championship from last season. He spent 6 weeks dissecting this video ( God knows who has the time for this, but I guess this person does). He determined that there were 48 travels during this state championship game. There was a 3 man crew, which of course had some of the top rated officials in Maine. How many travels do you think were actually called by the 3 man crew in this game:

A) 16
B) 1
C) 6
D) 10

If you answered C) then you are correct. 6 travel calls made out of 48 that were done in a state championship game. Most referees will tell you if everything was called - travel, foul and other calls games would take 2 to 2 1/2 hours to play. Referees will tell you the flow of the game is important also and not calling mic-mac calls and determining where advantage/disadvantage come into play. It should be interesting to see if in the month of December that the travel call is made more. If past history is any clue it seems that referees can adhere to the points of emphasis more closely in the first month of the season to lay the ground work for the season. One of two things happen after the first month - 1) The players adapt and stay away from the violations more or 2) The referees settle into the way it has been once it gets into the new year.

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