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Playoffs starting early?

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Playoffs starting early? Empty Playoffs starting early?

Post  D3Fan84 on Tue Oct 11, 2011 11:48 am

Looking ahead at the schedules for the states top 3 divisions and it would seem as if the state playoffs may be starting as early as THIS WEEK for most of the teams...

With 5 wins, tie breakers over Exeter, South and Salem, and with Concord and Memorial still on the slate PINKY is all but in, even if they were to enter a tailspin.
After that SALEM, EXETER, SOUTH, and CENTRAL all sit at 3-1. South and Exeter have 3 of the 4 remaining games against the 3-1 teams. Central and Salem both have Exeter and South to play (Central also still has its date with PA, the only team to beat the other 3).
MEMORIAL needs to win out (including dates with Central and PA) and may still need help to get in.
NORTH, LONDONDERRY, and CONCORD are out... 4 wins just isn't going to get you in the DI playoffs.

It would seem like both BG and DOVER are in if they can avoid a 2 or 3 upset losses.
Below that, it is a mess. At least for this week, every game has major playoff implications. 3 teams are tied at 2-2, TIMBY, WINNY and KEENE...and all 3 still need to play the other 2. ALVIRNE is in "Win or go home" mode, but if they can finish 5-3 by winning out they will hold crucial tie breakers against TIMBY and WINNY. SPAULDING can also win out and punch their ticket. WEST still has a playoff shot if they can win out (though not likely considering they still have BG and Dover). MERRIMACK is all but out (shocking I know), but could get in if they ran the table and got some help. West, Alvirne Keene and Spaulding are all in "Win or go home" games from here on out.

6 teams still have a very realistic shot at the playoffs. Three 4-0 teams still need to play each other. GOFFSTOWN, PORTSMOUTH and HB should all be battling for seeding at this point, but all face difficult remaining schedules. GT plays PHS, Milford Conval HB in the next 4 weeks. PHS faces a stretch of GT, HB and Bedford before finish against Pembroke. HB faces the toughest run of Bedford, PHS, Milford, Goffstown, all still playoff contenders.
Below them there is BEDFORD, MILFORD, and SOUHEGAN, all locked in a battle for the last playoff spot. At 4-1, Bedford completely controls its own destiny and go still even lock up a 1 seed if things fall right... but they have a tough task ahead of them with PHS, HB and SHS still to go. Milford and Souhegan play Friday in a game that will drop this down to a 5 team race. The winner will then likely need to win out to make the playoffs.

In my eyes, the playoffs start Friday. Any loss can drop you from a home game to a road game in the postseason, or worse...drop you out of the playoffs all together. Not a lot of room for error in the coming weeks


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