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Steve Bartman and "Catching Hell"

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Steve Bartman and "Catching Hell" Empty Steve Bartman and "Catching Hell"

Post  Tuesday and Friday on Sun Oct 02, 2011 11:31 am

ESPN aired the docu-drama "Catching Hell" this past week. It is the story of the Steve Bartman incident in Game 6 of the 2003 NLCS at Wrigley Field with Moises Alou. This documentary weaves Bill Buckner into the story by involving scapegoating, religion, redemption and the question of forgiveness. They are replaying it this weekend and in the next few days.

This documentary is not only one of the best films I've seen on ESPN this year, it is also one of the best movies hands down I have seen all year. The director blends in information on the story along with a fascinating docu drama involving the 8th and 9th inning of the game. It is gripping to watch the docu drama part about when Bartman was escorted to a security room during the game and how Cubs security got him out of the park after the game and to a taxi because Bartman could not find his 2 friends which was his ride.

A spoiler alert, but very interesting parts of this film:

- Bartman's seat number was 113

- A Cubs security worker brought Bartman to her apartment after the game because she lived close to Wrigley. He asked her if he could turn on her TV while she called security and a cab for him. Bartman turns on the TV and flicks through stations and there is nothing except for his image on every channel. The security worker said it was then when she realized the true severity of this situation.

- Bartman's name, home address and place where he worked was published on the internet by a Chicago newspaper by the next morning.

- There is a very interesting weaving of the term and history of scapegoating with Buckner and Bartman. Buckner has an interesting take on his error concerning his glove in retrospect after watching a video of it.

- Bartman has turned down any requests for interviews and many chances to make hundreds of thousands of dollars through advertisements and autograph signings at baseball card shows.

- There is a segment about ESPN hiring a writer to try to get an interview with Bartman. This segment is right out of a thriller-espionage movie.

With commercials this is 2 hours to watch. It was so engrossing and fascinating that at the end I felt like I had spent 45 minutes watching it. The thought came into my head Steve Bartman could've been me, you, a relative or anybody else you know. This could've happened to any one. Steve Bartman is now a verb in baseball lexicon.

After I digested this story with an emotion of thoughts on the situation about ugly fan behavior and the life long consequences one thought is indelibly stamped in my mind:

The question is not will the Chicago Cubs fans forgive Steve Bartman. The biggest question is will Steve Bartman ever forgive the Chicago Cubs fans?


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Steve Bartman and "Catching Hell" Empty Re: Steve Bartman and "Catching Hell"

Post  Tuesday and Friday on Mon Oct 03, 2011 8:10 am

In game 1 of the Yankees - Tigers ALDS on Saturday Robinson Cano hit a drive that hit on the very top of the left center field wall at Yankee Stadium and the ball bounced back on the field for a double. It was reviewed by the umpiring crew to make sure it wasn't a HR. While the replays were being shown you could see about 5 fans in the first row who intentionally backed away so they wouldn't touch the ball in the field of play. One of the announcers remarked, "Those fans must have watched the Bartman film on ESPN this past week."

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