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We really do have some GREAT high school blog sites in NH

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We really do have some GREAT high school blog sites in NH Empty We really do have some GREAT high school blog sites in NH

Post  GNG on Fri Sep 02, 2011 11:23 am

I wonder how many people wake up and click on this site then move across the top to the other sites , and over to Jeremy's site to get their fix of high school sports every day. I know I do, and I am quite happy that all these sites bring a little something different to the table. Just wanted to say THANKS to all the different people who run the different sites.

NH SPORTS FORUM, I love the addition of the bleacher section. This site's strengh is hoops season. Love coming here on game nights and getting the recaps from all the different people around the state. I like to think we brought a little life to the baseball section this year {let's keep it going next season}. In my opinion this site is 70% adults and 30% students. I may be wrong , just my take on it. I wish someone from the NHIAA would read this site. Lord knows we have come up with some GREAT ideas.

NH SPORTSPAGE. Dave Haley is the man. He knows his stuff,especially hoops. I always look forward to his weekly thoughts. You can tell he puts alot of thought into it. My guess is his site is just the opposite of SPORTS FORUM in terms of demographics. Always a great read.

NH NOTEBOOK. My man Jeremy, and John carrying around the video camera. These guys go to EVERYTHING. I really love the video work and the interviews that they have been doing. It lets you know what the players and coaches are thinking. I love Jeremy's team rankings during the season. He tells you why he has a team where they are placed.

NH FOOTBALL REPORT. Roger Brown, Another guy who is on top of things this time of year. If you like hs football in NH this site is for you. He has a new q/a section coming out, you can bet I will be asking a question or two before the season is out.

NH HS SPORTS. Joe M ,good stories and pictures. His focus is Southern NH and he does a good job. Another guy that uses the video interview on the students. Kids must love that.

NH GAME DAY. This site is now must see. He has new bullet points just about everyday, and alot of it is stuff I didn't know. He has interactive polls, and questions. Much improved over his old site. He has really stepped up his game. My only complaint is with the guys he has doing the football rankings. I would have added Roger Brown, Dave Haley,Jeremy, Gary Fitz,Tom King, Joe M,and John Doyle from Dover. I realize it's a Union Leader ranking, but there are guys from wgam in it. Guys from wmur in it. Just a thought.

Anyway with labor day approaching I just want to say THANKS AGAIN to all these sites and all the hard work you all {asst. you might work the hardest} do. It is much appreciated by HS sport junkies like myself.


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We really do have some GREAT high school blog sites in NH Empty Re: We really do have some GREAT high school blog sites in NH

Post  EBlessNHSP on Mon Sep 05, 2011 1:11 am

Thanks GNG...actually the beauty of the NH Sports Forum is that most of the time I don't have to do any work at all. You guys do all the work. So thank YOU!! Looking forward to some enigmatic ge reports this season. Coming here readers get a whole different take than those on the other "mainstream media" outlets.

BTW - agree on that point about rankings and including some of the other great FB minds.

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