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Darkhorses for tournament?

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Darkhorses for tournament? Empty Darkhorses for tournament?

Post  nhball9 on Thu May 19, 2011 1:03 pm

It may be too early for this but there has been plenty of talk about the favorites (North, Concord, etc.)
but what about the dark-horses?
I see them as
Dover (7-6): decent pitching, scrappy hitting with Seawards as a beast, and above average defense.
Pinkerton: (8-7): No hitting to speak of, but above average pitching, and one of the better defensive infields this year.
Londonderry (7-7): Two quality pitchers, streaky in all other areas though, they have one of the youngest teams in D1 and are still at .500.
South (8-7): really come on lately, two quality pitchers, offense is streaky though.
Salem (10-4): Yes, I am including them here. They have real injuries to their top 3 pitchers at the moment and I think people are writing them off. Their coach knows how to get them ready for a tournament.

What do you gentlemen think? There are still enough games to shake up the standings quite a bit at this point, who knows how this will shake out!


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Darkhorses for tournament? Empty Re: Darkhorses for tournament?

Post  BJNashNo on Thu May 19, 2011 1:19 pm

The injuries to Salem would have to be pretty significant to call them a darkhorse.


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Darkhorses for tournament? Empty Re: Darkhorses for tournament?

Post  GNG on Thu May 19, 2011 1:34 pm

I have been called alot of names on this forum,but never a gentleman. I think it's gonna come down to the brackets nhball9. I could make a case for anyone of the teams you mentioned.

I have stick with my darkhorse PINKERTON. 8 - 7 record with impressive wins over North, Concord, Londonderry, and Keene. The win over Keene is impressive because Pinkerton is the only team to win AT Keene so far this season. Among their 7 losses 4 are by 1 run, 1 by 2 runs, 1 by 3 runs, and 1 by 5 runs. The point being that they have been in every game they have played so far. I haven't seen them play in person so they haven't passed the GNG eyeball test, but from a purely statistical viewpoint they get my vote as darkhorse.

DARK,DARK,VERY DARHORSE- I don't even know if this team will make the tourny, but if they do watch out. They are capable of a huge 1st round upset. They are FAST, and run at will ,and they bunt more then they swing. They want you to throw the ball away. Ten kids got suspended and this coach still has this young squad playing HARD. SPAULDING


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Darkhorses for tournament? Empty Re: Darkhorses for tournament?

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