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Paying for a kid

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Paying for a kid Empty Paying for a kid

Post  abball on Tue Mar 29, 2011 11:59 pm

Now i know of someone who goes to a small d3 school not going to mention it. But the baseball team goes to florida every year. They have to come up with $800-$100 to go. But i have heard that one kid didnt have to pay a dime. The school paid for him to go. Now i dont know rules for this. But is this some type of violation? or is it perfectly normal


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Paying for a kid Empty Re: Paying for a kid

Post  JT_nh_hs_fan on Thu Mar 31, 2011 1:05 am

Is your information real? or from someone who heard it from someone?

Despite the issues we read about and hear about, 99% of the colleges & universities fully comply with the rules. Teams are allowed to fund raise for trips such as the southern swing baseball/softball trips all northern teams do. From my following of the NEWMAC basketball via the D3boards, I can tell you MIT went to Taiwan last summer & WPI went to Montreal this past fall.

Here are acouple of links to articles on the NCAA site that gives you some insight into this.

Basically, it is common for a team to set a goal for each player to raise. That does not mean the each player actually gets that amount. The money the team raises as a whole will be used to pay for each player. If you do a search of the NCAA site, you will find a series of articles over the past couple of years on this subject.

The bottom line - It is not a violation.


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