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Usernames vs. Real Names

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Usernames vs. Real Names Empty Usernames vs. Real Names

Post  EBlessNHSP on Thu Feb 24, 2011 9:23 am

I will try end this debate as quickly as possibly.

It is impossible to require REAL names because it would be impossible to verify one's identity. For example, I could register using the email address of and obviously pretend to be the 'real' Mike Mitchell.

If somebody can find me a Forum, Blog, or Website of ANY kind that requires a real name, and has a way to verify it, then I will happily switch over. Unless I can get access to the government repository of social security numbers I don't think its possible.

The reason for requiring a Username, and not allowing "Anonymous" posts is so that particular users can be moderated, banned, warned and communicated to. It allows for a track record for each poster that in turn provides myself and the moderators the tools to point out problem users as they show a history of malicious or ill-advised postings.

As a convenience to the hundreds of people who visit the forum every single day, but don't feel they want to contribute, I make all postings available for anonymous "Guests" to read, since this forum has become a repository for game recaps and topic debates.

Any questions?

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