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Post  basketballtime on Sat Feb 19, 2011 12:17 am

Does anyone know if college ref's will be officiating the games in Durham this year? After watching Pelham and Milford go at it tonight where i not only saw the officials lose control the game and have no idea how to make correct calls i thought to myself i hope for all of the teams that make it that far that they get top notch officials and not the clowns they had tonight in the Milford/Pelham game. What bother's me most when i see a game like tonight is the fact that i literally saw Mikey Mitchell get yanked to the ground numerous times one time where he recieved a kick in the head while he was down and while the ref wasn't looking. I don't care if you don't make consistent calls but at least have enough common sense to know things are out of control when you have players diving on piles with intent to do harm. As a ref you need to tighten the calls and clean up the game. I won't ramble on about the officiating because it's obvious how i feel about it along with many other fans that go to these games. But i can tell you this, if one of NH better basketball players go down because of it i will be very angry and without hesitation i will send every possible tape of these games i can find to not only the NHIAA but also to other outlets so they too can see what's really going on out there and hopefully can clean up the mess before other kids get seriously hurt. I mentioned this a while ago in a post about refs i just don't understand why the head of officials isn't out there fixing the issues?


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