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Merrimack Host Londonderry

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Merrimack Host Londonderry - Page 2 Empty Re: Merrimack Host Londonderry

Post  Tuesday and Friday on Fri Feb 18, 2011 12:39 pm

Right now for HEATED rivalry I'd vote (In D1):

BG - Merrimack - The atmosphere at the BG gym last year was such an andrenaline rush that it felt like there was an IV attached to my arm coming straight from The Jade.

Memorial - Central - As soon as Fitzy signed on to be the Crusader coach you knew this rivalry would be ratcheted up a few notches. As soon as Madol transferred to Memorial you knew that tonight around 7 pm at 1 Crusader Way would be one of the apexes of the rivalry in some time.

Tuesday and Friday

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Merrimack Host Londonderry - Page 2 Empty Definitely BG and Merrimack at the moment

Post  chicagokid43 on Fri Feb 18, 2011 12:41 pm

I would say Merr/BG at the moment because of the players from Merrimack that are on BG. Nothing makes rivalry like friends changing schools. I am sure the Manchester teams would be next and then Souhegan and MIlford. Souhegan and Milford is a rivalry but the teams are often at different ends of the spectrum. You had the 2003-2008 years where Souhegan dominated Milford in Hoops and now you have a run of about 3-4 years where Milford had a dominant run. Most assume that Souhegan will have a run the next wave of players. Currently there has to be more energy in the Merr/Bg games although no doubt Souhegan will be anxious to taste Milford blood come playoff time.

As far as last nights game with Londonderry and Merrimack I would say this game could have been very different if Colby had gotten a couple of bounces on the rim in the second half. He seemed to get 3-4 good looks from three that hit front rim and were dead on only to rim out. I wish he could have gotten a few to fall as it would have made a huge difference in the final 4 minutes. He was also in foul trouble and subsequently fouled out about midway through the fourth quarter.
That seemed to take all the remaining air out of Londonderry's sails and with some added pressure to the guards by Dimitri it was all but over. While the final score was +10 this game could have easily come down to the final minutes had Mr Colby gotten a few buckets to go down.

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