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D2 Feb 4, picks

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D2 Feb 4, picks Empty D2 Feb 4, picks

Post  Guest on Thu Feb 03, 2011 11:23 pm

Portsmouth (7-2) @ (5-3) Bedford- I think Dicearse and Walker are way too much and take this one by 15 atleast.

Lebanon (7-3) @ (5-4) Coebrown- Lebanon is coming off 2 big losses (13+ in each) but I see them bouncing back in this game winning it by 15.

Kearsarge (5-4) @ (5-4) Stark- They just played each other last week with Stark beating Kearsarge in North Sutton by 9, I don't expect this to be any different Stark by 10.

Goffstown (7-2) @ (6-5)Merrimack Valley- I don't see this being any different from most of Goffstown games they'll be around 90-100. G-town takes this one by 20.

Kingswood (5-4) @ (6-3) Oyster River- Oyster River coming off a 4 point loss to Pelham and a heartbreaking loss to Milford, with that said I don't see the losing streak extending to 3. Don't be fooled by Kingswoods record they've had a very watered down schedule other than maybe two teams. Oyster River takes this one going away by about 25.

Conval (2-6) @ (7-2) Pelham- Conval's large enrollment really hurts them. I think they should really try and petition down and be competitive and try and build a program and then get back into D2, as they are having another very tough season. Pelham takes this one by 30.

Plymouth (0-10) @ (8-1) Pembroke- Pembroke by 30.

H/B (0-9) @ (4-5) St. Thomas- I do think H/B will pull out at least 1 if not 2 wins this season, this one will not be it. I'll take the Aquinas by 15.

Brady (2-9) @ (1-10) Windham- Windham was welcomed into D2 with what has to be the hardest schedule in D2 or at least one of them. This is not one of those difficult games and I think Brady's struggles are far worse. I'll take Windham by 10.

Milford (10-0) @ (6-1) Souhegan- I know no one wants to here a Milford guy talk about refs but I'm going to say it anyway. This game will go how the refs call it. If the refs allow the game to be physical as it was called last time (both ways not complaining) it favors Souhegan. If it's a little more tighter it vastly helps Milford. Gilligan was out the first game, and has been playing well. I still think that because Gilligan's injury last game it required everyone to step into much larger roles and play at a higher level, so it'll be different (not better or worse just different ) with Gilligan in this game. Mike O had a huge game @ Souhegan last year and I know he's looking to break out of this slump. X-factor is the Milford bigs, if they bang inside and grab boards it will allow Milford to finally get out and run with Jamie and Mike O. My pick is....Milford I'm sure you guessed that, I'm struggling with a score im going to say about 7-10, (after freethrows and such) This game could definately be the game Milford loses and I really wouldn't be shocked if it was, but if you want to see 2 solid teams who will give you scoring while still playing good D, I'd get to Amherst early tomorrow.


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