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Players Taunting and Cursing

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Players Taunting and Cursing - Page 2 Empty Hardly upset JT

Post  basketballen on Mon Jan 31, 2011 2:16 pm

Upset at what JT? I was simply stating what i heard on the play where Mike O got elbowed in the throat was along the sideline in front of everyone that was watcting the play and the two players were the only ones with the ball. So i don't see why you would think i would be upset that you didn't happen to catch such an obvious play? I just thought it funny that's all. And D3 ball is not the same as D1 ball FYI even a NH basketball fan could tell you that. The depth level is by far greater then the d3 level. So to compare a Duke getting beat by a ST Johns to a 15th ranked d3 team getting beat by a mid ranked team is quite a stretch. So my only point there is i don't think Oyster River crumbled as you put it,i think Milfords talent started playing like they normally do and won it.


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Players Taunting and Cursing - Page 2 Empty Re: Players Taunting and Cursing

Post  JT_nh_hs_fan on Mon Jan 31, 2011 3:37 pm

LOL, It was nice of you to finally add in that he or the OR player had the ball. There were people around me and I do not recall any reaction to anything like what your describing. If I missed it, then I missed it and apparently so did others. Just as I assume there were some people there who missed holder pushing the OR player. For someone who was not even at the game you certainly seem to want to keep chewing on this one.

Meanwhile you also seem to be missing my entire point about talking about the college level. You may want to get out and see more than just a few of Milford games to base your opinions on. My point was extraordinarily simple. I guess I can try to re-clarify it for you. (by the way, the 15th ranked D3 team was being pushed by an UN-ranked sub .500 club.)

It is not an attempt to compare the level of play in NH high school ball to the college level as you keep attempting to do. It was to show you that the top teams at ALL levels of this sport get beaten by weaker teams. The best teams do not always win and when they lose, it is not purely because they failed. Sometimes it is because the lesser team played better. Anyone who has eve rplayed or watched this sport fully understands that. Perhaps you need to re-examine Chikids statement to the OR coach:

" MIlford has not played well as of late.
chicagokid43 Yesterday at 22:47

.I have to admit that Oyster River played very well. I talked with coach Mitchell yesterday and told him he outplayed Milford for 30 minutes and had he had a timeout left they would have won. However, Milford is real sloppy at this time with two starters banged up and only one practice this week with two very ugly games earlier in the week."

So from my point of view, since it is unlikely either of us is giong to alter his position, I think this has run its course.


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Players Taunting and Cursing - Page 2 Empty Re: Players Taunting and Cursing

Post  EBlessNHSP on Mon Jan 31, 2011 3:53 pm

There is nothing wrong with agreeing to disagree. Smile Who's got a positive subject now?

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Players Taunting and Cursing - Page 2 Empty Re: Players Taunting and Cursing

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