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Humble pie for thanksgiving.

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Humble pie for thanksgiving. Empty Humble pie for thanksgiving.

Post  GNG on Wed Nov 24, 2010 7:36 am

The division 2 all state football team was announced yesterday,5 kid's from BG were on it,my son was not 1 of them.When he got home from school I thought he might be a little bummed.I couldn't be more wrong.He was pumped for his teamates that made it,he could have cared less that he was not on it.Tojo took him in his office that morning to tell him he got screwed,coach Phillips echoed that sentiment in psych class.My son reassured them that it was water off a duck's back,no big deal.He told me he knows how his coaches feel about him,and how his teamates feel about him,and that is all that counts.In the age of look at me,look at me,how thankful am I to have a kid like this.VERY THANKFUL. Side note,BG had their fall sports awards the other night{they give out 3 awards},most improved Brody Smith,most valuable Steve Cuipa,coaches award went to Kyle Remillard.VERY THANKFUL INDEED.Happy thanksgiving everybody.


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