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Milford @ Goffstown Empty Milford @ Goffstown

Post  Guest on Sun Oct 24, 2010 3:17 am

I'm a little shocked there wasn't more coverage of this game by people like jeremy, nhsportspage things like that, two solid teams fighting for there playoff life. I'm assuming it's because people have all ready given this division to Souhegan, which more than likely will happen but still. But on to the game, Milford was without D3's leading rusher John Forte, Bellantoni still unable to play and lost Sophomore Albina late in the game unsure of the severity of the injury. Showed up late again to Milfords game (start of the 2nd) and it was 11-0 found out from a Milford fan that Milfords kicker had hit a 34 yrd fg and Max Goudreau had a huge run and the finished the drive off with about a 5yrd run. Didn't hear anything on Goffstown, from the first quarter. The 2nd quarter was rather uneventful both teams just pounding the ball, both teams Defense espicially the Lines played very well for the most part I thought #66 a D-linemen for Goffstown played expceptionally well blew up plays all day. Towards the end of the half Kyle Higgins for Milford picked off Goffstowns qb for 70 yards before getting caught. Milford didn't get much going and it was 4th down, I'm not sure where the ball was spotted, but Coach Jones decided to go for it rather than take the fg to push it to at 14 point game, a Goffstown linemen stripped Goudreau and the half was over. I thought/still think it was a poor decision not to kick the fg as it almost costed them.

The 2nd half Goffstown opened with load option and instead of eating it and taking a 2 yard loss there Qb (who threw the ball well) tried to make a miracle pitch and fumbled, Connor St.Gelais from Milford jumped on it, I thought he could've scooped and scored but didn't. Milford had to settle for another field goal, as Goffstowns D buckled down. This quarter (3rd) had numerous fumbles, most of them was Milford coughing up the ball. Despite Goudreau having 28 carries for about 180, he and the rest of Milfords backfield looked uncomforatable without Forte back there to be the "feature" back. Other than this Goffstown found Milfords weakness there corners and started picking on them nothing big but hitches which would get about 7-10 yards every play as Milfords corners were undersized compared to Goffstown's recievers. Goffstown did go over the top on a fly one time and it hit I think the youngman from Goffstown thought he was going to get caught and tried to cut back, but got caught because of it. I believe on this drive (may be wrong having a trouble time remembering) Goffstown lined up for a FG, and due to personnel problems had to call a timeout. Milford ended up blocking this FG attempt. Goffstown would end up with the ball again driving with the 3rd quarter coming ending and there QB connected with Brandon Shea for there lone score of the game. Going into the 4th Goffstown front was doing a great job and really kept Milford from putting anything together other than a few Goudreau runs. But another personnel problem on a Goffstown punt costed them a timeout. They made another stop and Albina who was playing FB at the time got hurt, and he was having a great game at LB for Milford which really hurt there D. Goffstown now was running the ball and passing pretty much all over Milford. Time was ticking and Goffstown was on a gametying drive when they threw a hitch to Shea and he tried to stiff arm as he did earlierwith much success (the play he scored on) but by doing that he exposed the ball a little to much and Higgins punched it out. At this time there was about 2 mins on the clock and the way Goffstown D was playing I feel if they had those timeouts they had to waste on personnel issues they could've made a stop and potentially scored to tie the game.

But overall I thought this was a good game (ugly but good) between two good teams who don't get a lot of attention and probably deserve a little more. I think this may have bounced Goffstown from a playoff spot, assuming no upsets which is too bad because they are in my mind a top 4 team in D3.


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