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Milford @ Souhegan Empty Milford @ Souhegan

Post  Guest on Fri Oct 15, 2010 9:59 pm

Got there late and had to leave early but I will have updates as the game goes on. Scoreless 1st quarter, didn't see much so I can't comment. 2nd quarter Souhegan starts driving and exploiting Milfords DB's lack of size. I think it was Mckenna couldn't really see from where I was sitting but he made a double move (hitch and go) and had Milfords corner Simo toasted. Mckenna end up slipping as he caught it and would've scored but it didn't matter. Souhegan continued from about the 30 with a few short passes and a solid rushing attack to score. Milford had a 3 and out punted and again Souhegan took it too Milford through the air once again going at the mismatch at corner. Souhegan looked as if they were going to get stopped at the goaline but Souhegan went to their T offense and caught milford on play action from 3 or 4 yards out. Milford put a great 2 minute drill together, it was great time management by both Milfords coaching staff and the kids. Milford did it both on the ground and in the air showing formations that Souhegan didn't really look as if they were prepared for. Which shocked me cuz Milford showed them vs Bedford and I know Coach Believeau was in attendance at that game. Milford capped the drive off with a jet pitch with about 8 seconds left. (maybe more) Milford proceeded to squib it but it bounced all the way back to the Kick Returner for Souhegan who broke off a huge return to about the 35 yrd line he got tackled by the last person that could catch him for Milford. Souhegan then tried airing out but with no success. I left out a few things as this was a rather lengthy post for just the 2nd quarter but there was an onside kick that Souhegan recovered but the multiple fumbles by both teams it resulted with Milford having the ball.

I got 2 updates since I left Souhegan threw for a td, which must've been early in the 3rd but missed the EP, making it 20-7. They just put another in and went for two making it 28-7. Looked like it had potential to be a good game when I got there but I just got another update and Milford put it on the ground and Souhegan just scored again so it looks like they'll run away with it


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