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MA-NH High School Basketball Report All-Star Showcase

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MA-NH High School Basketball Report All-Star Showcase Empty MA-NH High School Basketball Report All-Star Showcase

Post  ItsOnlyAGame on Mon Mar 22, 2010 10:07 am

Kudos to Jeremy Leveille for an outstanding event yesterday at the RAC. NH and Mass were well represented by some of the best high school hoops players from their respective states and the caliber of play was really something to watch. These kids are incredibly athletic and had a blast playing. There wasn't much defense as exhibited by the 124 to 107 final in the NH Frosh/soph game, but it was a classic all-star game. I hope that this is the beginning of many, many more to come.


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MA-NH High School Basketball Report All-Star Showcase Empty Re: MA-NH High School Basketball Report All-Star Showcase

Post  Tuesday and Friday on Mon Mar 22, 2010 8:38 pm

I would like to thank Jeremy for his hard work in putting on the nice All Star event at the RAC on Sunday. The NH Junior Boy's game was won by Black 105 - 100 over White. You knew this game was going to have a fun feel when you see Chikid strolling into the White coaching box to assume head coaching duties. Who does he get to coach against? Why, Mike Mitchell, who was on Black. This was going to be a fun 40 minutes of basketball. Early in the game White took control on the fastbreaking, cutting and finishing of Jamie Holder. If there was a format of a game suited to this newly crowned Class I Champion, then this All Star game was the perfect showcase. 6'8 Ben Hill altered and blocked some Black shots that made some White team players think twice about going against this Pittsfield High product.

Black then became comfortable with their lineup as Mike Mitchell dished out some sparkling assists setting up mates for numerous 3s and finishes to the rack. Shomari Morgan commented after the game that Mike Mitchell "is an assist machine." In the second half Faustino and Al-Darraji became more comfortable with the AS setting and started doing damage inside and outside respectively. Shomari Morgan made a couple of flying tip backs that drew some collective "oohs and aahs" from the crowd. David Madol showed why he was voted POY as he demonstrated the best overall skill set of anyone in this game. He makes it so hard to defend him when in a short span he can slash to the hoop, hit 15 to 20 footers and finish athletic put backs. Madol hit 2 outside shots in a row within 30 seconds that gave his Black team some spacing on the white team mid way through the second half. As the 2nd shot tickled the twine Londonderry's Mike Colby caught the ball from the twine and muttered "Jesus" in a frustrated tone. The ref acknowledged his frustration and said, "I know, it just isn't fair for a big man to shoot like that." This is what Madol does to the opposition.

One of the best things to see in this game was the athleticism to the hoop by the big men like Wickey, Maher, Spirou, Green, Madol and Hill. It's one thing to see a 6'0 to 6'3 guy angle his body around the rim, but when you see a 6'4 to 6'9 player do it, it does make you think that basketball players are some of the best athletes in sports. Time and time again these big men drove to the hoop and used the rim as a shield when they finished opposite side off the backboard...... A thing of athletic beauty.

Black is winning 103 to 100 with just under 10 seconds to go and Shomari Morgan is at the line for Team Black shooting 1 FT. His teammates are on the sidelines telling him to miss the FT so the White team can have a chance to tie the game and send it into an overtime. Why not prolong this 40 minutes of fun? Shomari flashes a million dollar smile as if to say, "I can't do that." Holder looks at Morgan and says "pressure?" to which Morgan replies, "no pressure here." He sinks the FT to help give Black the win. The experience of playing together and against players you had battled all season against for the fun of the game was the most important thing. There were slaps on the backs, fun trash talking and smiles galore for all involved.

I'm sure Chikid would be the first to say this is the most fun loss he's been involved in. Nice to see Mike Mitchell get the W one day after not being at the Big W for Milford at UNH. It's funny how the game of basketball can hurt so much one day and then be the best elixir the next day.

Just like Shomari Morgan said, "Mike Mitchell the assist machine."

Tuesday and Friday

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MA-NH High School Basketball Report All-Star Showcase Empty They all had a blast

Post  basketballtime on Mon Mar 22, 2010 10:51 pm

I really thought it was a great idea to have this game it also allowed each player to show their true mutual respect and freindship for each other. I will say Madol really has come a long way in a couple years the dunk he had on a put back that made the crowd go wild was awesome. And I must say watching Holder play after playing whole game the day before in the finals was nothing more than amazing to think he could even walk never mind steal a pass and go down the other end and slam a two handed dunk down and this is a 6-1 point gaurd talk about an athlete and who said white men can't jump? But all in all it was just a fun time for everyone involved you could see it on everyones face and hear it from anyone you talked to. So thanks again Jeremy for a wonderful night of basketball.


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MA-NH High School Basketball Report All-Star Showcase Empty Re: MA-NH High School Basketball Report All-Star Showcase

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