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Power Outages and Inconveniences

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Power Outages and Inconveniences Empty Power Outages and Inconveniences

Post  Tuesday and Friday on Mon Mar 01, 2010 12:24 pm

I guess the only good thing with regards to the power outage and the fall out from it is that it didn't take place during the playoffs. As inconvenient as it was in my area to be without power for 3 days and no internet, etc, I kept thinking it would really be a pain if happened during the playoff season.

I see Big Guy would not welcome me with open arms if I showed up at the Winny at BG game last Friday. I guess unearthing a senior yearbook has shaken the foundation of this Cardinal dad. I was receiving updates on the big Memorial victory over Merrimack on Friday as I was shuttling a generator between my house and my parents. It was painful to hear the updates on the game knowing I was missing a good one as I fueled up a generator by the light of a silvery flashlight.

No matter where I went to obtain food over the weekend there were lines, waiting and changes in menus due to shortages. This paled in comparison to the plight of the Mitchell Family as they travelled 101 back from the Milford at Conval game. They were stuck on 101, had to turn around and snow was accumulating. It was helpless as I couldn't contact the Assistant, Tully or Big Guy to rescue the well known family from Milford. Alas, they made it home safely and managed to make a familiar trip to Elisha's. There is no truth to the rumor that referees with chainsaws were cutting down trees to keep the Mitchell Family stuck in the Peterborough area until the HS playoffs were over........ I have to get my chainsaw tuned up now.

It looks like Exeter is still staying in the Tough Loss Motel with their 1 point loss to Central last Saturday. This now makes 11 combined losses these 2 teams have had this season by a combined 24 points. I see where tough luck Exeter could lose out on the 16 seed to Keene who has 2 paper mache victories over Conval by a combined 45 points. Fear not Blue Hawk fans as the scheduling Gods have taken care of Keene and their questionable schedule. Keene has 2 games remaining on their schedule: At Winny and hosting Memorial. There is poetic justice in Keene having these 2 tough games left to cap their season. Even if Exeter lost their last 2 games to spaulding and Dover they should at least secure the #16 seed.

There were a lot of teams that showed they are peaking for the playoffs last week like Memorial, Pinkerton, Dover, Trinity, Salem, North and Central. 2 teams with more questions than answers right now are Merrimack and West. Merrimack did lose to Pinkerton and a close one to Memorial, but West is falling quicker than a bungee jumper. In 2 weeks they will go from a team trying to secure a top 4 seed to a team that will probably have to go on the road for their prelim playoff game.

Speaking of prelim playoff games, it looks like Memorial could either host Salem or Central in a prelim game right now. The two games that are key for Memorial that they are not playing in is the Trinity at Pinkerton game on Tuesday and the Londonderry at Merrimack game on Friday. If Pinkerton and Merrimack loses those games and Memorial wins out this week the Crusaders could climb as high as 5th in the standings by virtue of head to head tiebreaker over Pinky and Merry. West is still ahead of Memorial in the standings, but with the Blue Knights playing BG at home and at Spaulding I think even the heartiest of West fans can't expect to finish ahead of Memorial in the standings.

My home is warm, the internet buzzing again and HS basketball can now replace my free time instead of fueling up generators and waiting in line to find out my local eatery DOESN'T HAVE what I want to eat.

Thank God !!

Tuesday and Friday

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