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HEal vs Divisions in class I

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HEal vs Divisions in class I Empty HEal vs Divisions in class I

Post  chicagokid43 on Fri Feb 19, 2010 11:56 am

I am surprised that Pembroke has scores as high as they do. Not that they haven't done a great job this season but I really thought that the heal system would hurt them and it seems that it has not worked out that way. However look at Hanover, 3 losses and looking at being a 13 seed as it stands. I have always said that this is not the way of doing the playoffs and that divisions would be the way to go.Two divisions Southwest and Northeast. Does anyone agree? Two 12 team divisions (add Keene or Timberlane to get to 24) Each team would play 12 divisional games and 6 non divisional games wether it be in class l or M or just into the other class I division. You could also lose a few teams like Conval and Monadnock to get to 22.
Base your playoff seedings on how you finish in your division. Top 8 teams are seeded 1-8 and you play your playoffs across the divisional lines. Real curious what you guys think on this.

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