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Worcester Academy host Brewster in one of the best games I have seen to date.

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Worcester Academy host Brewster in one of the best games I have seen to date. Empty Worcester Academy host Brewster in one of the best games I have seen to date.

Post  chicagokid43 on Sat Jan 23, 2010 11:19 pm

Tonight, me and a few of the Milford boys ventured down to Worcester to watch the high flying Brewster Academy team from Wolfeboro to face Billy Baron and the Worcester club.
This game was one of the best games I have watched in a long time. With so much talent on the floor and great match ups would be the theme of the night.
Out of the gate Brewster ran Rutgers bound Austin Carrol through some screens and got him some open looks. He hit a few threes and had a nice pass of another curl to get Brester out of the gates. Worcester's first possession was a dump into the block to Patrick Ackerman who as a Junior is listed at 6'11" with some decent foot skills and a nice baby hook. The game was back and forth with no one looking like they were going to pull away.
Worcester's point guard Billy Baron on his way to play for his father at the University of Rhode Island was running his team and doing a nice job controlling the tempo. He has a nice pull up jumper and also is fearless going to the hoop. Most of the benefits from his game management came from Christophe Varidel a 6'2" guard with nice range and very good mental game. He was patient and seem to be able to find a seam to get to the hoop enough that you had to honor it and as soon as you backed off he was willing to drain the three. A very nice complimentary player to Baron.
The game was a 2 point game at the half with Brewster ahead but neither team had showed the ability to control the game and you almost wondered if it was going to be who ever got hot first would win. Brewster quickly grabbed momentum with one of the best poster dunks I have ever seen. CJ Fair a Syracuse commit turned the corner off a high screen and when his man got picked off he had a clear path with one unfortunate big man in Robert Gilchrest under the basket at the wrong time. Fair seemed to be high enough to look down into the hoop as he brought the house down with the facial. It was as pure a highlight as you will see at any level. The gym went so crazy that the referee's actually thought Worcester called a time out and players had to be brought back to the floor from the confusion. Two playes later Will Barton used a nifty inside out dribble with a ball fake and finish to secure the timeout from Worcester. Brewster had created a 12 point lead and seem to have all the momentum in their favor. Unfortunately no one told Billy Baron the game was over and after a few pull ups and attacking the basket at will he got them back to a 6 when Austin Carrol got tied up and was called for an intentional foul on Varidel. Varidel went to the line and like that is was a game again.
Baron was a man possessed in the final minites hitting shots and making passes to open guys at will. Brewster actually used three different guys to guard him each a little bigger than the last. The final guy guarding was Melvin Ejim a 6'6" forward who was chasing him all over. The game went back and forth and with about 20 seconds to go Worcester was down 2 with the ball and after drawing up a play Baron created a lane drove to the hoop and kicked the ball out to Olivier Paul Betu a Wirey guard who took a three with about 7 second left on the clock, ball came off hard and somehow Baron chased it down and quickly used an angle dribble to create space in the corner elevating and shooting a three that went in and out as the entire gym held it's breath. Brewster escaped with a two point win but man what a game. While Brewster may have the better line up Baron showed why his dad and the University of Rhode Island will be in good hands for the next four years. Great game.

PS In the second half Will Barton got a steal at the half court line and went untouched to the rim for what was sure to be a dunk. He missed the dunk and to tell you how hard he was trying to throw it down the ball hit about 15 feet up the wall over the top of his bench. A missed opportunity but man was it funny to watch his team mates watch the ball travel from the hoop over their heads high off the wall behind them. Never seen that before.

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Worcester Academy host Brewster in one of the best games I have seen to date. Empty Re: Worcester Academy host Brewster in one of the best games I have seen to date.

Post  EBlessNHSP on Sun Jan 24, 2010 12:35 am

Brewster could beat a LOT of NCAA division 1 teams...

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