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Any Takers to Run The Forum?

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Any Takers to Run The Forum? Empty Any Takers to Run The Forum?

Post  Tuesday and Friday on Thu Nov 10, 2016 10:57 am

I'm posting this post by Eliot Bless. I don't have the time/resources to run The Forum. Please read below to see if any of you want to assume this task. If not, I'm presuming The Forum will be terminated sometime in December.

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NHSPORTSPAGE.COM and Forum going forward
Post EBlessNHSP on Sun Aug 14, 2016 12:53 am

As you all are aware I'm virtually non-existent on the forum. I don't have time to moderate or check it more than once a month or so now that I'm not in the middle of it all in Kansas and have a 2nd child to chase after (my son is almost 18 months now). Not to mention my continued duties on NHSportspage.com which I know you all frequent multiple times per day Smile

Our new platform supports commenting and I will be busy managing the insane ramblings of many/all that have the urge to post publicly. Yes, you will have to register and your comments will be tied to an account which will require an actual email address.

That said, I do believe in freedom of speech and if someone else would like to take over the administration of this fine forum I am willing to pass it along. I renewed the domain through forumotion for about $20 last year. I happily pay for this out of my pocket...a worthy cause for those as passionate as I am about the sports we love. The site does not require this fee but will revert to nhsports.forumotion.com if not paid sometime around December.

You do not need to be super tech savvy but does take some learning. I won't have time to teach you so god speed to the one that wants it. If there is anyone interested (Moderators get first dibs) please feel free to PM me and I will try to figure out how to pass this thing along to the next (un)willing participant.

Note: They do have a decent support forum (of course its a forum) for answering questions and inquiries on how to use their site. I'll strip all the NHSportspage stuff out as there really is no longer a "partnership" in fact we've decided to not support it going forward and focus on our site as the hub of conversation.

To that end...I have enjoyed building this forum to be one of the premier places for inside information on NH basketball and football. I think folks that have contributed have done so admirably in most cases and those that didn't were deservedly given a swift kick to the curb. There are a lot of very passionate fans out there, and the nature of HS sports is many of them revolve on a year to year basis based on which teams are successful. Its tough to keep a forum like this sane but with the help of the regulars and moderators I think we've done a good job. Thank you to everybody involved most notably T&F, JAF and Tulliver. Without you guys it would never have become a safe haven for thoughtful discussion.

PS - Kansas is just brutal in the summer....

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