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Friday, 9/23 and Saturday, 9/24

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Friday, 9/23 and Saturday, 9/24 Empty Friday, 9/23 and Saturday, 9/24

Post  NH12345 on Fri Sep 23, 2016 9:11 am

This is the second week of predicting games and so far here is what we have for standings. . .

Manchfan- 6-4
NH12345- 6-4
sportsfan88- 5-4

It is rivalry week which means there should be a couple of upsets here. . .

Game of the weekend Goffstown v. Bedford presented by Shorty's Mexican Roadhouse. Home of the 20% teacher discount during Happy Hour!
These are the top two teams in D1 right now. Bedford has talent for days and Goffstown is riding a 17 win streak. That steak will be broken Saturday though. Bedford wins a nail biter.

Friday Games
BG @ Keene- Keene is a hard-nose football club that has not gotten the breaks since giving away a big lead late to Portsmouth in week 1. BG is firing on all cylinders, and probably upset that I named Goffstown and Bedford the top of D1 as they have an argument for it as well. BG wins big.

Pinkerton @ Londonderry- This is one of the best rivalry in the state (I know I am bias). Londonderry has not won since 2001. Pinkerton will keep this winning tradition going. Pinkerton wins.

Central @ Memorial- Central is good, despite the slapping they took at the hands of Merrimack. Central wins

North @ South- Great football game in Stellos tonight. Neither team has done a good job of playing defense, so the team that does an OK job on defense tonight should collect the win. North wins.

Alvirne @ Portsmouth- Portsmouth keeps rolling after a big W v. Winny. Portsmouth wins.

Dover @ Spaulding- HOW ABOUT THE GREEN WAVE? First Portsmouth then North. . . this was the coach who complained for years about how his boys are going to get concussions because of school enrollment (I still don't get that argument, but digress). . . now they are 2-1 sitting in the middle of the playoff race. Dover wins

Exeter @ Winnacunnet-- Things go from bad to worse for Winny, 1-2 with two tough losses and now they welcome a very good Exeter team into their town. Exeter wins.


Merrimack @ Concord-- DeNeil and Grassini made me look stupid for picking against them last week. I will not make that mistake again. . . Merrimack wins big.

Timberlane @ Salem-- OHH Baby, if you like an old fashion smash mouth football game make sure you make your way to Grant Field on the Salem High Campus Saturday afternoon. This is going to be a punch you in the mouth game. Salem showing they are the real deal at 3-0 and Timby holding on to hope after facing the gauntlet of Bedford and Goffstown back to back weeks. This is going to come down to who can control the ball and the line. Salem wins.


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Friday, 9/23 and Saturday, 9/24 Empty Re: Friday, 9/23 and Saturday, 9/24

Post  NHFootballFan4 on Fri Sep 23, 2016 11:52 am

Excited to finally have some football talk on here.

Game of the weekend Goffstown v. Bedford - Have to take Bedford here. No Duval and Bedford is my front runner for the D1 Championship at this point.

BG @ Keene - BG is too much for Keene

Pinkerton @ Londonderry - Londonderry is not taking care of the football. Pinkerton wins big.

Central @ Memorial - Central back to form in a lopsided win.

North @ South - Have to go with South, they have "Home Field Advantage"

Alvirne @ Portsmouth - Portsmouth

Dover @ Spaulding - Dover continues their streak

Exeter @ Winnacunnet - Exeter always well coached, it is tough to pick against them


Merrimack @ Concord - Offense puts up too many points for Concord to keep up with. Merrimack big

Timberlane @ Salem - I'm not as high on timerblane as others. Salem wins


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Friday, 9/23 and Saturday, 9/24 Empty Re: Friday, 9/23 and Saturday, 9/24

Post  sportsfan88 on Fri Sep 23, 2016 1:12 pm

Bedford over Goffstown to end the streak in what could one of the better games all season. This one will probably have a Rd. 2 at some point this year.

BG a@ Keene- BG all over Keene in this one. Raitt, Shafiyan-Rad and Fagan are way too much for the Blackbirds to handle. BG needs to get these wins early as the second hald of their schedule is much tougher.
Friday Games

Pinkerton @ Londonderry- PA wins this going away in one of, if not the best, rivalry in the state especially on Mack Plaque weekend.

Central @ Memorial- Central is a really talented team. Rivera and Co will rebound nicely to take care of business v the Crusaders.

North @ South- North has one thing on their mind and that is getting rid of the bitter taste in their mouths after losing to Dover last week. While this is a city rivarlry, North is a much more talented team and will win.

Alvirne @ Portsmouth- Portsmouth wins in a close one

Dover @ Spaulding- Dover has snuck on some people this year, looking at you North, and should take of business v Spaulding this week.

Exeter @ Winnacunnet-- Exeter by a lot and probably has the reserves in for most of the second half.


Merrimack @ Concord-- Grassini and the Tomahawk air attack will be out in full force this week but Concord can spread it out as well. I think this will be a high scoring affair but Merrimack comes out on top.

Timberlane @ Salem-- This is a tough matchup to pick. As mentioned in an earlier post these two teams will run and then run some more all day long. Salem has looked very strong on both sides of the field and I think they will be too much for the Owls to handle this week.


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Friday, 9/23 and Saturday, 9/24 Empty Re: Friday, 9/23 and Saturday, 9/24

Post  manchfan on Fri Sep 23, 2016 3:05 pm

Game of the weekend Goffstown v. Bedford presented by Shorty's Mexican Roadhouse. Home of the 20% teacher discount during Happy Hour!

Triple not so fast my friend!! By far the best game of the weekend, I am firmly a believer in teams that just know how to win. I'll kick myself on Monday for picking with my heart. I don't know how they figure it out, I don't know why they figure it out, but I think the Grizzlies find a way again this weekend. Bedford will not do a thing to lose this one, but I think Goffstown finds a way to win it.

Friday Games
BG @ Keene- Raitt and Fagan are too much, even on the long bus ride over the mountains. BG big

Pinkerton @ Londonderry- Nothing can get a Brian O'Reilly coached football team back on track like the Mack Plaque, Pinkerton is down but this will be another Londonderry graduating class to not beat an Astros football team.

Central @ Memorial- I was wrong about Central's ability to run the ball last week, but something tells me they straighten it out this week. Central wins Manchester again

North @ South- This game will always have an electric atmosphere that often times over shadows what happens on the field. Expect a lot points and turnovers to be the difference. North in a close one

Alvirne @ Portsmouth- How about the fighting Clippers thrusting themselves into the play off conversation. This is a classic let down game for Portsmouth but I don't think the Broncos have enough to pull it off on the road. Portsmouth wins, closer than the experts think

Dover @ Spaulding- This Dover could take another step towards solidifying themselves as the second best team in the East, good teams need to take care of business coming off emotional wins. I think Dover takes that step tonight.

Exeter @ Winnacunnet-- In the best rivalry game of the weekend the seacoast will shut down and head to the beach for this one. Exeter is too big, too strong, too fast, and too big for the Warriors to keep up. Exeter wins and don't surprised if tempers flare


Merrimack @ Concord-- Merrimack is better than I thought, and they keep that going this week.

Timberlane @ Salem-- Salem stepped up to the plate last week at the Academy and they take another step towards legitimacy this weekend to head into a huge match up in Merrimack next week.

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Junior Varsity

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Friday, 9/23 and Saturday, 9/24 Empty Re: Friday, 9/23 and Saturday, 9/24

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