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D1 Power Poll 2/29

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D1 Power Poll 2/29 Empty D1 Power Poll 2/29

Post  manchfan on Mon Feb 29, 2016 4:29 pm

The leap day edition of your favorite weekly topic on the forum. Leap day fun fact I uncovered while doing research for this post, you may know that the leap day every 4 years is to offset the extra quarter of a day in one full earth year, but that is slightly untrue. One full earth year is 365.23 days meaning that our calendar is actually off by a few minutes, so to counteract that every even leap year (meaning 1700, 1800, 1900, 2000 etc) that is not divisible by 400 there is no leap day. There was one in 2000, because it is divisible by 400, but not 1900 nor will there be one in 2100. The more you know.

1 Pinkerton 47 (5)
2 North 42 (1)
3 Central 35
4 Exeter 32
5 Bedford 20
6 Memorial 19
7 Merrimack 13
8 Winny 4

Others receiving votes: Londonderry 2

Big Tortilla Flats taco Tuesday match up in Merrimack tomorrow with #2 North coming to town, two teams trending in opposite directions but it is senior night for a senior laden Tomahawk team, the added emotion could give Merrimack a big win they desperately need.

Tough week for the #7 Tomahawks as Friday they head to #1 Pinkerton. A win on Friday and the Astros will lock up the number 1 overall seed, regardless of what happens on Tuesday.

Also Friday, maybe not the game of the week but probably the most important when #4 Exeter heads to #5 Bedford on Friday. This one could decide 4th and 5th place which would be the difference between hosting in round 2 or travelling in a potential rematch.

Junior Varsity
Junior Varsity

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D1 Power Poll 2/29 Empty Re: D1 Power Poll 2/29

Post  Tuesday and Friday on Mon Feb 29, 2016 5:46 pm

I think SeaCoastDad should get in on this Leap Year numbers stuff, because he is a meticulous numbers guy study

Tuesday and Friday

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