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Feb 4th Game

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Post  OntheBlock on Thu Feb 04, 2016 7:53 pm

6-1 on Tuesday brings the season record to 47-12. (Where in NH12345?)

Some great games on Tuesday. Keene pulled off the mini-upset in good fashion. Spaulding and Bedford held there own, but couldn't pull off the victories. Gendron did his part offensively, pouring in the buckets. Could Memorial's Scott have slowed him down?  Don't know, but the Crusaders held on for the win so, it doesn't matter.
BG, Merrimack. and Exeter took care of business as they should have.

Tonight's lone D1 game - Londonderry vs. Merrimack - The Tomahawks are the filling in between a Pinkerton sandwich for the Lancers, and that's not good news. Pinkerton outclassed Londonderry in every aspect of the game on Monday night. Reddy, May, and Corey couldn't keep up with the Pinkerton bigs. Gaw, McDonald, and Britting put forth good efforts, but it wasn't close. Coleman tried to carry the team, and finished with 13 points. However, even that was deceptive because 9 of those 13 came after the Astro's pulled their top 6 players off the floor in the final 4 minutes of the game.

Merrimack always plays tough, especially against the Lancers. They had two legitimate chances to stop Londonderry's undefeated season last year. And this year, the game was a heavily contested 4 point win for the 'Hawks. Merrimack is a legit top 4 team in this division, and will prove it again tonight.

Earlier this season, Stanton was still hopeful of a top 4 finish. With 5 losses already, even a run of the table may not get them there. At this point, he needs to hope for a home playoff game in the first round. And the schedule will be no help as they have to play Pinkerton, Merrimack, Central, Memorial and North still. They need one of these next two at a minimum. But it's looking as though they may go 0-2. Tomahawks win.

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