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Interesting Comments By Coach Quirk

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Interesting Comments By Coach Quirk Empty Interesting Comments By Coach Quirk

Post  Tuesday and Friday on Fri Dec 18, 2015 10:56 am

Below is the information on Memorial in the NHSP D1 pre-season article. Along with the synopsis on the Memorial team are comments by Quirk on the culture of Memorial basketball presently. I know Quirk can be controversial in some of his comments and he's one of the only basketball coaches in NH who says what's TOTALLY is on his mind. I have to agree with Quirk's comments on the culture of Memorial basketball and the culture of basketball in some other programs also. He is SPOT ON.

From the NHSP:

Veteran head coach Jack Quirk has no idea how many games his Manchester Memorial team will win this season, he just has a strong sense he is going to enjoy it more.” I like the make-up of this team. We are quick and aggressive to the ball and they’ll score in bunches,” said Quirk. “These last two years were filled with a lot of drama and now it’s going to be fun to see how this group develops.”

It will be a backcourt by committee for the Crusaders as Paul Rodolf, Jake Carrier, Nick Philibert, Michael Roumraj and Tyson Thomas will play right away. “ They play with a great deal of enthusiasm and the chemistry has been good. That’s not easy when you lose four of your first six players from a year ago.”

Brandon Scott will anchor Memorial’s frontcourt alongside Malo Roumraj, Nick Beall and sophomore Zach Lubin. Quirk is expecting Mahmud Gabir to contribute when he returns from a foot injury.

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We have an AAU culture now where a lot of players don’t have any allegiance to their school, it is about showcasing themselves for the next level. If there even is a next level,” said Quirk. “ You see a lot of players who, as soon as their season is over, just move right over to their AAU team. It’s not the same as it was years ago when kids wanted to create a legacy in  their hometown and bring a title to their school. I don’t see that with this group at all.

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They are working hard and having fun every day in practice. I don’t know how many games we will win but it’s going to be a fun ride.”

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