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Post  dj5hoop on Fri Feb 28, 2014 11:48 am

Interesting final night in D-1. Looks like top 8 seeds are set. I think Londonderry will get by South to lock up the 4 seed which will make BG the 5. Winny is secure with the 6 and Bedford and Exeter will be 7 and 8 respectively. The bottom four, Concord, Alvirne, North and West will be determined with head to head matchups. West needs to beat Concord to get in. Concord with a win could sneak ahead of Salem as a 13 seed or if they lose and North wins they could be the 16.

Some good matchups but predicting a winner in a few of these games is difficult because of the variables. Winny vs Memorial: Some good athletes on both sides. Game means more to Memorial but you never know who is playing or not. Slight edge to Memorial.

Londonderry over South in a close one and BG at home over Spaulding.

West at Concord and North at Alvirne are pick ems. They are all fighting to get in only to be lambs for the wolves in the first round. Forced to choose, I will take Alvirne and West which leaves North out of the dance.

No discussion needed for Trinity and Bedford games.


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