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Self enforced ineligibility by H/B

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Self enforced ineligibility by H/B Empty Self enforced ineligibility by H/B

Post  Tuesday and Friday on Tue Oct 29, 2013 9:42 am

Interesting article in today's UL about ineligibility on H/B girl's soccer team that was SELF ENFORCED by H/B high school. I would say in this day of Transfer City, especially in the Queen City, this is something you hardly see transpiring. Nice to see a high school and the ones governing the school have some integrity in this day and age.


Tuesday and Friday

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Self enforced ineligibility by H/B Empty Re: Self enforced ineligibility by H/B

Post  JAF on Tue Oct 29, 2013 10:33 am

May I also suggest reading:


For a shall we say "different take" on the story.

I think this is different to the "reported" Manchester situation(s) where athletes seem to choose which school is the best situation for them and then indicate that the school to which they should be going doesn't have the academic needs for them...

From what I read - it seems the player had been in town previously, was on the team previously, family moved out of town, but player stayed in the school because the parents didn't indicate to the school (and district) that they had moved. I can see the family logic at least with regard to staying with the school (and team) you'd been with before, but they should have done it right. Since we all know it's possible to "tuition into" a school district under special circumstances... especially for athletes...

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