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2012 - 2013 Season

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Post  Tuesday and Friday on Fri Dec 14, 2012 12:10 pm

Here is my Top 10 for D1 Boys:

1. Central - The last couple of years I've thought my pre-season #1 had more chinks in the armor than any #1 in previous years. Well, the chinks have increased. I'm not trying to be critical of the LG, just realistic. As a #1 they have more questions than answers. Joseph's situation is unresolved the last I knew and quite frankly even it becomes resolved there could be unresolving as the season goes along. I have yet to see any quality depth with this team. It could develop as the season goes along. The back court is good with Dickson and Plentzas, but they will have off nights and that will prove fatal with some losses you don't expect. Pelletier is the real deal and my pre-season POY.

2. Spaulding - It took Dave Haley 5 minutes to pick his #2? Dave is good because it took me 5 months to pick my #2. I'm cutting right to the chase and putting the Red Raiders firmly as my #2. I've watched Spaulding over come adversity, injuries, bus crashes and reschedulings to continue to play as a TEAM like no other program in D1. I'm sold on them before the season starts. Paradis is a POY candidate. They will go at least 7 - 2 or 8 - 1 at home. They will snatch at least 3 very big road wins because this is what a good TEAM does.

3. Trinity - Mabor Gabriel. These are the only 2 words you need to know about Trinity this year. He is a 20 point 10 rebound stat waiting to happen each and every Tuesday and Friday. The key word is "waiting." If Gabriel plays like the POY he should be Trinity will play their first 2 playoff games at home. If the ball keeps slipping out of his hands, he misses bunnies consistently and you hear people saying "could've" and "should've" when describing his weekly play then Trinity will fall into the 5th or 6th place range. The Pioneers have enough to get them over weekly humps and bumps in Carmen G, Keefa Jr and the new transfers, but if they want to hold the plaque up high at the end of the season Mabor Gabriel must be MABOR GABRIEL.

4. South - This is one team I've had a good feeling about for the last 5 months. Preston and Coach Mazz are going to have it going on with the Coach - Guard symbiosis. I really like the Panthers this season.

5. Alvirne - There is nothing particularly flashy about this edition of the Broncos. They play hard and play together. I just have a hunch Livingston and Yoksh are going to work well as a 1-2 punch this season. All you need to know about Alvirne are the 2 words: Tyler Livingston. He has to get more paint points if the Broncos are going to have a good season. He can't relax in the 15 to 25 point offensive zone and just look to produce from that area exclusively.

6. Salem - Instead of saying Salem over achieved, played great defense and Coach McLaughlin did another great job of coaching..... at the end of the season..... I'll just get it out of the way and say it before the season starts. It'll save me some extra typing in 4 months.

7. Winny - They will be tough. They will run. They are undersized. I Looooovvvvee Coach McKenna and every thing he does with the program. I'm just not seeing them finishing as high as some of my collegues do. I would Loooovvveeee it if I was proven wrong though. Coach McKenna gets it. always has and always will.

8. Memorial - Oh boy here we go. I could just do a whole thread on this team, coaching situation and other factors. On paper this Crusader team is unquestionably Top 4. Coach Fitz couldn't co exist with this group. Will Coach Quirk? This aforementioned question could be the biggest question heading into the season for D1 boys. This team could finish any where from 1st to 10th and I am TOTALLY serious. Just remember what I said about this group a couple of years ago. If the word Why pops up more than the word Wow, then the Crusaders are in trouble. The more Wow the Crusaders show the better they will be.

9. BG - Another team that could really fluctuate as the season goes along. They could finish 5th/6th or 9th/10th. Lunn is the real deal. If BG finishes in the Top 5 he is a POY candidate. Migs loves flying under the radar as the season starts and he loves this team.

10. Merrimack - It wouldn't surprise me to see this team finish 5th/6th or 9th/10th. I'm sorry didn't I just say that about BG? Well, it's true. Eric Gendron is a POY candidate if Merry finishes high.

Just on the outside:

Londonderry and Bedford. I really had to think twice, three and 4 times about not putting my beloved Lancers (Yes, my love continues this season) in the Top 10. It wouldn't surprise me if they finish in the 6th to 8th territory. Never count out a Mike Fitzpatrick coached team.

Tuesday and Friday

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Post  HaleyNHsports on Fri Dec 14, 2012 3:54 pm

Good stuff..
Portsmouth played Spaulding in the pre-season & Spaulding really turned it over a ton against there is a concern but they could absolutely finish #2. Agree with your Mabor Gabriel comments as well.

I know from talking to people that the Memorial situation has started poorly (and that might not even be a strong enough word) but we'll see....


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Post  goldenbear on Fri Dec 14, 2012 11:06 pm

Bedford as one of the best coaches in the state they will be top ten


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