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Post  HS FB Fan 11 on Sat Oct 13, 2012 2:08 pm

In 2009 D1 backers were crying for BG to move up to D1. I said then that if they wanted BG to face a more difficult schedule, it would make more sense to move Pinkerton “up” to D2. D2 WAS the stronger division then. Assuming that people agreed with me, and say Merrimack was moved down to D1, and Pinkerton was moved up, imagine what a division with Pinkerton, Exeter, Winni, Keene, BG, Dover and Bedford would look like this year! Naturally the D1 backers would be explaining things like Milford beating North but being blown out by Bedford like this: “D1 teams like North have to face a tough opponent every week while Bedford got those weeks off against the weak teams in D2. Heck, North has to play South, Central, Londonderry and Salem while Bedford gets weeks off against teams like Winni and Keene. “

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