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QBs Top rusher in D3 and Luopa in D2

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QBs Top rusher in D3 and Luopa in D2 Empty QBs Top rusher in D3 and Luopa in D2

Post  bumper on Fri Sep 21, 2012 11:16 am

I would like to pose this question? Which team in D3 (where three of the top five rushers are QBs) would be hurt the most with the loss of their QB? For arguments sake let's add Luopa to the question.

And how much do you protect your QB when he is your leading threat?

Last week we saw several teams protect their QB's. The most obvious being Keene and Goffstown. Even though I disagree with the decision not to play either, it was the best move for each team moving forward. In my opinion these are the two teams that would be effected the most by losing their QB's. I would give Goffstown the slight edge.

Portsmouth turned to the running backs in the second half to protect their injured QB's. ( In some form the word is all three of their QB's are hurt). This move was very uncharacteristic of recent Portsmouth teams. Portsmouth actually ran more than they threw and a sophomore running back emerged as a future threat.

Souhegan was not in any position to protect Ford being in a battle.

There is only one more QB who is also a leading rusher and that is Francoer of Somersworth.

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QBs Top rusher in D3 and Luopa in D2 Empty Re: QBs Top rusher in D3 and Luopa in D2

Post  JAF on Fri Sep 21, 2012 12:53 pm

Don't really know that much about D3 and the offenses being run, but I think both Goffstown and Souhegan run spread option, right? What does Portsmouth run? I think that plays a lot into the answer you may be looking for. Obviously losing your QB isn't good as the backup is probably a JR and probably has only run the JV team. But if your offense is predicated on having a running threat at QB, then losing him would be a blow to your offense. I would say Goffstown would really be hurt losing their QB, especially given the number of players I saw on their sideline at the Jamboree at Gill. I believe Portsmouth had to use #3 for at least a half of one game if not more, but yet they're still winning. Souhegan probably has enough depth (eg, numbers playing) that they could use the backup. As for your other question, I believe you protect the QB at all cost, but yet this *is* football and you don't want him to be afraid to take a hit either. How many plays you call for the QB to have the ball probably has a lot to do with the defense you see being played.

Luopa is helped tremendously by Parenteau in the backfield... Both have been playing Varsity for a couple of years now. Keene runs a bit of a spread option, right? Luopa got hurt in game 1 (rolled ankle) - you know they were very nervous. I have to imagine part of the week 3 decision to sit him was based on week 1. In week 2 they played Merrimack and Luopa was probably put in less of the game plan for that game. Anyone know when he came out? I think they'll be in a bit of trouble this week - shaking off a bit of game rust and playing a quality team like Bedford could put them into situations where they're playing catch-up... But Luopa seems to be a gamer and although they may try to protect him a bit, I'm betting he'll step it up.

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