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Central almost as over rated as Trinity in Top 10

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Central almost as over rated as Trinity in Top 10 Empty Central almost as over rated as Trinity in Top 10

Post  REDFOXFAN on Mon Sep 17, 2012 8:46 pm

I saw Central scrimage BG in August and I was not impressed with Central at all.
Good Team size but not very tuff up front.I am not surprized by the Exeter embarassment.
Looks like its Exeter & Pinkerton....................................... and then everyone else in D1.

To be honest I bleed Green and Gold however Guertin is also not impressive but may
still be ok this year with what they have for their scheduel. I think they will have their
hands full with Bedford and Winnee but .......................Keene, Dover!!!!!!!!!!! No way!
Looks like a three way race for D2.

D3,D4...............who cares but it will be funny to see the Genius sports writers in NH put
Plymouth in the top 10 power poll on Tuesday. Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
You know the writers that don`t even go to the games.!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey GNG.....................have not seen you since the TOJO shooter...........bottoms up! What a Face

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Junior Varsity

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Central almost as over rated as Trinity in Top 10 Empty red fox

Post  rwvogeley on Tue Sep 18, 2012 9:54 am

Pretty accurate account of the football in NH.
I also sw the BG-Central scrimmage, Central was big but lacked skill at defensive backfield. Thjey eventually got BG tired andthe pushed them around.
Central qb has great mechanics but in the scrimmage didn't have any talent separation so that you really noticed him on the field.
I do not think that Exeter is 49 points better than Central, but they could probably be put in the class of the 09 BG team or the Milford hoops tem of two years ago.
As far as a d4 team being in the top ten highly unlikely. They might be able to beat a team once in a while onthe upper levels, but the constant physical wear and teat of the bigger players would really take its toll.


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