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Merrimack vs Alvirne controversy

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Merrimack vs Alvirne controversy Empty Merrimack vs Alvirne controversy

Post  nhball9 on Fri Jun 01, 2012 10:12 pm

I wasn't there but I heard the Merrimack head coach was thrown out of the game and got a little carried away. Was anyone there? What happened?


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Merrimack vs Alvirne controversy Empty my take

Post  Bert54the1 on Sat Jun 02, 2012 12:19 am

After a double to right field by Merrimack's Williams, Alvirne appealed first base and the runner was called out. Coach Anderson approached the umpire calmly and a discussion ensued. After a brief discussion we all heard Coach Anderson loudly say, as he was backing away, "If you are going to make that call you need to be 100% sure." As he was backing away..... At that point he was tossed. As a spectator, based on Coach Anderson's "100%" statement, I assumed that the base umpire said something like "I think he missed the base" or "I'm 90%" sure he missed the base. It was after being tossed that Coach Anderson reacted... I later heard from a Merrimack player the statement was I'm 99% sure.

The base umpire had a horrible game...He had to ask for help on at least 2 other occasions...one when he couldn't get his head turned around on a sacrifice bunt attempt. The pitcher looked at the potential force at second then turned and threw late to 1st. The umpire was late as well. The call was incorrectly ruled out at first...by the home plate umpire.

Anderson was a victim. He did nothing wrong except over-reacting after being tossed by a weak umpire.


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