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End of the season

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End of the season Empty End of the season

Post  nhball9 Sat May 19, 2012 5:37 pm

We are in the last week and there is such a huge log-jam in the standings. I can't recall the last time there was this much uncertainty going into the last week. Who are the surprise teams? The darkhorse teams (the teams you DO NOT want to see in the playoffs but at aren't at the top of the regular season standings)? The disappointments?
For me I would say Timberlane, Spaulding, Memorial, and Merrimack are surprise teams. I don't think anyone thought they were poor teams, just nobody thought they were this good! The teams I wouldn't want to see in the playoffs: Londonderry (2 stud pitchers, hitters up and down the line up), Bishop Guertin (a stud pitcher, a bunch of high quality ones, and defense), and Spaulding (high quality defense, and speed). Disappointments: Keene, I thought they would be much better than this. Central, definitely a step back from last year. South, with 2 horses they should have been a .500 team.
This is my two cents. Let's see a little talk on this board!


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End of the season Empty Re: End of the season

Post  JAF Sun May 20, 2012 9:08 am

It's too bad we haven't had more activity this year. I agree with most of your points. I think Memorial is the most susceptible in your group to a first round loss. Timberlane isn't such a surprise due to their run last year. Salem could also be a dark horse - they do have experience and it seems the injury bug has healed itself. Londonderry has been a disappointment to me - I expected those 2 pitchers they have to be able to accomplish more, but it is HS baseball. BG's pitching depth was tested the week they played South for 12 innings. By Friday, they and Spaulding were throwing Soph's. Because the playoffs have "separation" between the first/second round, semis, and finals - I suspect any team with a couple of stud pitchers could make it to the finals. How you fare depends on the order to coach takes with his staff. Some will try to save their ace, but more often than not it bites them because their offense cannot hit the other teams' ace. I wasn't too surprised about South - it's not easy to "change" your programs philosophy. Roper is different that Neverett and it's probably having an effect.

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