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2009 NH HOF Inductees

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2009 NH HOF Inductees Empty 2009 NH HOF Inductees

Post  EBlessNHSP on Tue Nov 24, 2009 9:53 am

Kind of an old story here...but nonetheless...I've included only the NH names, but the full list can be found HERE.

The New England Basketball Hall of Fame will honor over 100 former high school playing and coaching greats from the region at its annual induction ceremony on Oct. 9 at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut.

The ceremony has become one of the largest sports dinners in America, attracting over 1,000 attendees at each of the previous four gatherings.

High school boys' players
Matt Alosa, Pembroke, N.H.
Joe Drinon, Concord, N.H.
Rich Shrigley, Nashua, N.H.

High school girls' players
Pat White Gianunzio, Inter-Lakes, N.H.
Celeste Lavoie Blankenship, Nashua, N.H.
Lisa Russell, Manchester Central, N.H.

High school boys' coaches
Danny Parr, Saint Thomas Aquinas, N.H.
Al Simoes, Merrimack, N.H.

High school girls' coaches
Joe Adamovicz, Manchester Central, N.H.
Rose Galligan, Pembroke Academy, N.H.

Prep school boys' players
Ed Cooley, New Hampton Prep, N.H.
Paul Dufour, Phillips Exeter Academy, N.H.

Prep school boys' coaches
Rick Mahoney, Phillips-Exeter Academy, N.H.
Whit Lesure, New Hampton Prep, N.H.

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2009 NH HOF Inductees Empty Congrads to all

Post  Guest on Sat Mar 09, 2013 5:54 am

I wanted to say congrads to all the players and coaches. I will, however, tell a story that is an important lesson to remember. When I was attending Central High School, I will never forget one year I truly had a desire to try out for the basketball team. I didn't have sense enough to realize you had to be talented, I just had a passion to learn and play and be part of a team. I remember Coach Joe Adamovicz was coach that year. He only gave me one chance in the practice and without knowing anything about basketball, I stole the ball away from the opposing side. However, I stood there not knowing what to do and I was told to stand on the side line.

I slowly walked out of the gym saddened. Later (at the age of 14 or so) I had an invite to live with my relatives in Oahu. I was so happy because I wanted to leave Manchester since I didn't accomplish much there anyways. When I arrived in Oahu and a few months got adjusted to my new way of life for one year, I had a shocking surprise! I had family members who were athletes and good at what they did! I heard stories about my mom playing women's ball and being the MVP! My aunt's home was like walking into a trophy shop! When I came out of shock and wonderment, this was the first beginning of my trying to do new things.

You see those memories never left me, and because of it, I did play basketball on a team. I played for the Salvation Army. Our team was undefeated, and each time we played a new game, the opponents added young men (teens) to their side and we still won! I even tried my hand at volleyball and made the first cut! Track and Field was a different story since I hated long distance running when younger.

I did, though, have a chance to run track in China back in the late 1980s (100 meters) and came in a very strong 2nd place (almost neck in neck with the 1st place runner) with only two weeks of training to get ready for that race! I wanted to do the very best that I had hurt knees and wrapped up bandaged ankles to support my ankles so I could run the best race I had known. After that race, I could not walk and had to use my step children as human crutches to hobble home.

Today, (age 49) I have completed an ultra marathon (31 miles up all incline here in Hilo Hawaii) A few years back I had rode a 12 speed bicycle and trained myself to ride over 100 miles on a three day trip. And years ago I did have a chance to play some basketball with a Chinese College girls' team for practice because I was invited to play with them! This was after my track and field run of 100 meters. You see they were impressed and I learned you don't have to be number one, just try your best and when you fall (like I did on the pre trial race at the finish line and hurt my knees) you get up and you keep going not letting anyone get in the way of your dreams.

So you see the important lesson is teachers and coaches truly need to be in tune with those around them who have a passion for a sport. Teach them how to play and they may be the next great that leads the team to the championship.

Thank You.



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2009 NH HOF Inductees Empty More sports heroes

Post  Guest on Sat Mar 09, 2013 5:59 am

I have even read stories of older people that when they were young were never considered or picked for a team because they were just not athletic or good in the eyes of others, yet many of them ended up qualifying and training for the Iron Man here on the Big Island (2.5 mile swim, 100 mile bike ride approx. and 26 mile run). Others have gone on to win marathons and became great cyclists with stories to tell of how they never were given the chance as youngsters to truly be on a team in school.

I also trained in martial arts for many years and still continue to do so along with working out and helping others.

It is people like these who also deserve to truly be indicted into the hall of fame Smile


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2009 NH HOF Inductees Empty Re: 2009 NH HOF Inductees

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