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NHIAA, Nashua North, and the Paige Parkinson decision

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Re: NHIAA, Nashua North, and the Paige Parkinson decision

Post  EBlessNHSP on Wed Jan 04, 2012 10:08 pm

This is not a surprise to the family. They should have known the rule prior to the transfer. Rule may be a bad one but it is in place nonetheless. I don't think we need to being parents first names into this thread. I just realized the names I deleted above may have need the AD's...so sorry if that was the case.

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Re: NHIAA, Nashua North, and the Paige Parkinson decision

Post  JAF on Wed Jan 04, 2012 10:44 pm

Not quite sure how I'd feel if I were in their position. Our primary reason for BG was academics - my boys weren't on anyone's athletic radar. I can say 2 of the 3 have missed seasons due to various injuries - a couple of surgeries (one rather serious too). It was hard as a parent knowing your child was going to miss out on his favorite sport that he could have perhaps played through the injury, but I think the decisions we made worked out pretty well in the long run.

I say it's only 1 year based only on what I read about having to sit out 1 full year. Not sure where the 2 years came into play that some have noted. Students can miss their sports season for academics or injury, but those only last 1 year. There are still 2 more years to go. Sounds like she's in a good AAU program that will also get her exposure. It's not like she's an "unknown"; otherwise, she wouldn't be in this situation. Colleges aren't going to just walk away because some "politics" got in the way of her playing sophomore year in high school. It's much easier to explain than say trying to convince a coach to recruit after you've blown out your ACL, required elbow surgery, or had multiple concussions. The downside of pushing things too far is getting labeled by a potential coach as a complainer... Note I'm NOT saying don't fight for your child, but you also have to eventually come to a reasonable decision that no matter what you do, things won't change. The rules are the rules and while exceptions can be made, if not sometimes as hard as it is - you have to accept them and move on. Consider that when you get to college, you are a Freshman and unless you're REALLY GOOD - you're probably having to be a "good team player" and go to practices, but see very little game time. If you can show a coach that you understand that and can accept it, then you can be deemed more desirable to recruit than say perhaps someone that will be ticked off that they're not getting any play time.

Does anyone know for sure whether she's also ineligible to play JV? Does the transfer rule only cover "Varsity" sports? Can she practice with the team? Not that she'd benefit from JV, but perhaps she could still work on certain skills. I used to have my "travel" basketball players on my "recreation" teams play different positions and work on helping the other players. Yes, I'm aware we're talking a completely different level.

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Private and Religious Rights

Post  clippafan23 on Wed Jan 04, 2012 11:47 pm

I think you fix this by doing a few things.
1. First of all no exceptions you make the schools stick to their geographical borders. No this person needs special attention or special education at another school and they just happen to play a sport. If you choose to use a educational excuse to step out of your geographical area you forfeit the right to be an athlete. .
2. Make the schools that have open borders all play at the highest level or division. Let's be up front that the schools with the ability to get players to come play from a larger geographical area have the ability to coerce players to transfer. We have seen it in the past lately where several players from outside the schools direct area dramatically increased their talent pool and gained a huge advantage.
3. Part three of this is if a student/family decides to save the taxpayers of a public school a seat by paying tuition at one of those private schools you wave the 365 day delay for athletics.

We cannot have a system that the school that is losing a student/player is the deciding factor on wether the child is eligible. That to me is just allowing this to be to personal and to inconsistent.

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Re: NHIAA, Nashua North, and the Paige Parkinson decision

Post  E.I.R. on Wed Jan 04, 2012 11:51 pm

I am the one that said it could last two years. I thought it said that on Jeremy's website last night but it has since been updated, my apologies for the mistake. I admire her and her parents' calm reaction -- if this truly was simply a move for athletics I would be QUITE unhappy that I am paying $12k for my kid to play a sport she isn't allowed to. Whatever the results are I wish her, her family, and Coach Hazelton and the BG Lady Cards the best of luck this year. From what I've seen so far Hazelton seems like a great fit for this program and they should put in a strong run for a championship.


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Paige Parkinson

Post  rwvogeley on Sat Jan 28, 2012 11:31 am

The NHIAA gets involved because she is transferring from a member school-North. Butremember these are the same people who haven't put a shot clock in high school basketball and cannot for thelife of me get divisions organized by talent for several sports..
My daughters went to North, but I think this entire situation stinks. I think there is something else behind the scenes that is causing this misjustice.
Could it be

North wanted to hire Hazelton for a coaching vacancy and BG grabbed him while North dawdled??
The AD at North wants to make a name for himself so he can show everyone when he goes to his next AD job in Mass???
Most ads at North only last a few years Fantasia, Casey etc
Is there something that maybe was posted on the internet that inferred she liked playing for Scott and could be interpeted as

If not let here get onwithher life and while you are at it get a life for yourself


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Re: NHIAA, Nashua North, and the Paige Parkinson decision

Post  NHhoops on Sat Jan 28, 2012 2:59 pm

Apparently Parkinson is playing great in BG practices, so imagine how much better the BG girls would be if she were eligible, and the BG girls are already pretty dominant. Parkinson would be great at the 4 position alongside Green at the 5, and would really help on the boards. That's one of the only "weaknesses" of BG this year - nobody else besides Green rebounds very well. Given how well she is playing in practice, it must be killing Parkinson not being able to play in games. I hope the "adults" at Nashua North are proud of themselves for denying this young girl the opportunity.

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Re: NHIAA, Nashua North, and the Paige Parkinson decision

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